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Nov 14, 2007 05:42 AM

Only one night to eat out - please help!

We only have one night to eat out in New Orleans and was looking for some guidance. First off, let me tell you about our party. We are varied but all love great food! We are 3 fishermen and a chef. We are used to fine dinning in Charleston, SC so we know what goodd food is. The guy who buys us dinner loves fine food and wine but can not have garlic and does not like overly loud places. I know some places will not leave garlic out of their menu items and others are more likely to please their customers. The place can be loud just not extremely loud. Our "Sugardaddy" also likes lots of personal attention from the server. He is a big old flirt if you know what I mean. We love redfish and trout but eat it all the time so there is no interest there for us. We plan on going to dinner on Mon 12/3 so it should not be that busy, I think.

We had planned on Rest August because it was rated #1 on Trip Advisor three weeks ago. Now it is #66 and the recent reviews are not good so we want some other options. One of our group lives outside of New Orleans says that he loves August, Herbsaint, and Clancy's but does not want to make the decision as to where we go because he may have to drop out at the last minute. I like the menu at Brigten's but have never heard anything about the food. We want somewhere that is classy but not too classy (no Commanders, etc) with great food and a great wine list. I know this a lot to ask but I'm sure some of you can help. Thanks.

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  1. I don't think you'll be disappointed with Brigtsens, Clancy's, August or Herbsaint. I would also add Upperline, Bayona and Cochon. You can't go wrong with any of these.

    Also, I wouldn't put too much stock in the Trip Advisor rankings. I just checked them out after reading your post. Number two is a place called Star Steak and Lobster House. I've never even heard of this place. Number One is NOLA. I'm not one of NOLA's many detractors, but it sure as hell isn't the number one restaurant in the city. Number Five is Napoleon House, and that's just absurd. I could see it as number five place to have a cocktail, but absolutely not number five restaurant.

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      Look into Cuvee, they have a great wine list and really good food. I think the atmosphere will work too. They have a website so check it out. And to Shiloh Star is in the Quarter and not too bad.

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        Also, keep in mind that unlike chowhound, trip advisor is used far more often for compaints than raves.

      2. Brigtsen's sounds like exactly what you are looking for. Great food, attentive and warm service, a comfortable but not stuffy atmosphere and did I mention great food?

        Another good option is Stella. I went there two weeks ago and it was among the best meals I have had in many years. A truly phenomenal restaurant.

        1. Brigtsen's is the place. You might want to phone ahead and talk about the garlic. Brigtsen's wine list is good, though not equal to the food, IMHO. That might be the one area that the restaurant would wish to address down the way.

          Regardless of the TripAdvisor ratings, Restaurant August is very good. Their full wine list is very good. I had many problems with their "sommelier's pairings," but spent time with the full list and wish that I had gone that route.

          One comment - all the servers that I saw at RA were male. Your benefactor is likely to have far more fun with the ladies (mostly family members) at Brigtsen's. Also, both restaurants are quite quiet (depending on any special-event parties, and such). RA is probably a tad more quiet, but Brigtsen's is not loud and I am sensitive to excessive noise, when dining.


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            Thanks for the info. If we do make dinner on this trip it has to be on Sun or Mon night when Brigtsens is closed. I had my heart set on it but it looks like we are going to have to save Brigtsens for nest years trip. Our benefactor definately likes female servers so maybe RA isnt our best choice for dinner. If we can only do lunch then we may try RA. You seem to be very knowlegable on here so what do you think about Cuvee vs Herbsaint for our group? This would be for dinner. Thanks in advance. I know it is a long drive but if you have never tried it the food at Woodlands Plantation is excellent.

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              There's a new place on Chartres called Daisy Dukes that claims to have food, I believe all the servers there are female.

              2781 Belle Chasse Hwy, Terrytown, LA 70056

              4748 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA 70006

              Daisy Dukes
              91 French Market Pl, New Orleans, LA

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                  I have not dined at Herbsaint in too long a time to comment. It was good, when we were there, but a long time ago. I thought that Cuvee was good, but it was not in the top three of our dining experiences on the last trip. Good food, good service and a better wine list than some, but it feel behind, while being good. I had no real complaints, other than one dish (wife's), that just seemed to have bad karma about it from the beginning. Even the chef couldn't seem to get it right. That sort of situation will develop and when it does, it seems to take on a life of its own. Five of the six meals were very good, but did stop short of being great. I'd definitely dine there again. Sorry that I have nothing timely to report on Herbsaint. Rely on others' comments, as they will be far more up to date.

                  As for our next trips - if you do Brigtsen's, I'll do Stella!


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                    If not Brigtsen's, Herbsaint. Had a delightful lunch at CP recently with 25 cent martinis.. We had turtle soup (IMO best in town), shrimp with grits, pork loin with fabulous sweet potatoes and grilled redfish with beans. All were very good.Bread pudding souffle ( ok..same as it always is) and the chocolate torte. Also an excellent extra spicy Bloody Mary.

                2. Try giving Stella or GW Fins a look.

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                      K-Pauls is an overpriced tourist trap in my opinion.

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                        Stella is wondeful and we were impeccably served by a lovely, young, attentive, female server! See my earlier post for more specifics.

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                          Been going to K-Paul's since its inception. Food used to sing, now most has been recrafted to cater to the tourist palate Very disappointed on last several visits (went due to visitors insisting). I can no longer recommend it.