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My Happy Place

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I'm so glad to have found chowhound.com. I am a huge lover of food, eager to try new things in the kitchen, and am often pre-occupied with my food fantasies. In fact, I have noticed a trend I would like to share with you all. When I am not a) brooding because my parents refuse to try to get to know my soon to be husband, b) feeling crushed beneath wedding decisions, or c) worrying about my job, my mind retreats to a place of pure bliss: namely the aisles of Whole Foods or Trader Joes, the pages of my new Nigel Slater cookbook, food related memories from my childhood. I can smell the steam coming off my mother's hungarian potato soup, taste the gooey center of a warm chocolate cake I baked a month ago, smell the cumin in my successful experimental concoction of last wednesday. Food has become my happy place. And those are my thoughts for this morning.

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  1. Be careful: that's how they get ya! Next thing you know, you're eating two, three meals a day, maybe even having snacks!

    1. As someone recently married, I say good luck and try to enjoy it as much as possible. It's just a party, after all.