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Nov 14, 2007 05:26 AM

pork picnic help! what do with the bony leftovers?

I made a tasty glazed pork picnic roast (not a ham) on the rotessire this Saturday and we have eaten most of the roast- what is left is a little fatty with lots of uncarveable meat on the bone- what can I do with this. If I make soup will it be to fatty? Pea Soup? Do I use the meat. Need any Ideas please, does not have to be soup. I hate to waste this.


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  1. I recommend making a stock with it. After cooling the stock, skim off the fat from the top. :)

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      I usually make stock, and then use the stock later for a hearty soup. Sometimes I'll retrieve the meat scraps from the stock when they work loose, and continue to cook the bones. The scraps can then go in the soup.

      The resulting broth may be too bland to make much difference in a bean or pea soup. Smoked meat and bones work better for that. But the scraps and stock work well in chunky soup with lots of vegetables, potatoes, some beans or chickpeas, and pasta - e.g. something along the line of a minestrone. Sometimes I give it more of a Latin character with larger chunks of vegetables, even lengths of corn on cob, plus hominy and chile peppers to taste.


    2. Bean Soup and/or Baked Beans are perfect ways to use up leftover ham/picnic. The beans will absorb a lot of the fat, making them tender and delicious. It's easy enough to skim any excess from Bean Soup, less easy with Baked Beans.

      Pea Soup is good too, but the peas tend to overcook long before the fat and collagen melt, and the meat comes off the bone. Beans cook a bit longer, and usually work better.

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        Pea soup? Do you mean split pea? I would use it for split pea soup, which takes a good while to cook, or I would use it to cook a big pot of dried beans (presoaked of course.) Maybe some bigger beans like limas, but it sounds like it would be good with navy beans.

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          I usually use my left over ham bones and scraps for navy beans and ham. My husband thinks it's bland but his sense of taste isn't as keen as mine. :)

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            Yes, I do too, but I think a meaty pork bone would work as well. I also use my ham bones for the split pea soup and bean soup.

            Now cocoagirl, you could always wrap it up tightly and stash it in the freezer until you have the "perfect" use for it. I stash ham bones all the time!

      2. I also save the bones to make stock. Use a cleaver to split the bone before you put it into the stock to expose the marrow.

        1. thanks all- I will make stock - but will freeze the bone until I am in the mood to make stock.