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Nov 14, 2007 05:03 AM

Rye Bread in the Triangle?

I have been asked to bring a loaf of real, soft rye bread to a dinner coming up (not Pepperidge Farm). Having lived in other cities, I thought it would be fairly easy to find a decent bakery or deli in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area, but I am coming up empty. Does anyone have a good source for rye bread in the area?

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  1. I enjoy the rye they use in the cafe at Guglehupf in Durham. I think they usually have it in the bakery there.

    I think Weaver St. also does a rye but I don't think I've had it.

    durham, nc, durham, nc

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      Both great suggestions. Thanks so much!

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        Weaver Street does do a NY rye but I think they only offer it about once a week. I've never managed to get my hands on it.

      2. I noticed today that they had fresh (unsliced) rye at the Whole Foods in Raleigh today. I'm not sure they have it every day, though, I hadn't noticed it before.

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        1. La Farm Bakery in Cary has great rye bread. I'm not entirely sure what days it's available, though, so you might want to call to be sure.

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            Great suggestion. Thanks so much!

          2. Fresh market has great seeded New York rye. Crusty on the outside, lots of flavor. We buy it every time we're there. They also have an unseeded rye that's nowhere near as good. Be careful, I have found unseeded is sometimes marked seeded and vice versa. I guess good help really is hard to find.

            1. I am curious as to whether you ever found decent NY rye in the Triangle area. Although I have tried those listed, they are nothing like Zabar's NY Jewish Rye. Now I am on a quest to find the secret and bake my own.

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                Perhaps you're not finding NY rye because this isn't NY. There is plenty of good bread around here - Weaver St, Guglhupf - truly. Unless you're a seasoned baker with years of experience, I doubt you'll be able to replicate Zabar's rye. When my family moved to the South from Connecticut in the late 60s the best we could come up with was Pepperidge Farms rye. We've come a long way since then, but is it really such a tragedy that the entire country hasn't become so homogenized as to eradicate all vestiges of local flavor?

                1. re: suse

                  That's a good point. If you could find everything that Zabar's sells in every medium-sized city in the country, what would be the big deal about going to Zabar's? (And then what would people complain about when they flee the cities for the high cost of living?)

                  1. re: cackalackie

                    I'm a former New Yorker, I love the South and all the fantastic produce here. I just sauteed some fresh collard greens in olive oil and love grits aka polenta;-) I don't understand the obsession with nyc food at all.