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Nov 14, 2007 04:56 AM

Recommendations for cheap balto dinner?

Husband and I want to do something new this Friday night, and not spend a lot of money. We're in North Baltimore city. We did Rocket to Venus and it rocketed us to hell (got order wrong, brought out food at wrong temperature). We're regulars at HON, Golden West, Petit Louis, Donna's and McCabes and are looking for something else, hopefully on the less expensive side. The 'been there, done that' feeling has set in, probably because we don't like to drive far on the weekends. Anyone have any ideas? We'd even do carry out- just need a new flavor!

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  1. I had a great experience at Joe Squared (North Ave. and Howard) last Friday. Service is kind of slow, but the food is delicious. And if you have a few drinks in good company, you might not even notice the food delay...

    We had a variety of salads, a couple of risottos, and thin-crust individual pizzas at the table. I tried an amazing mushroom reuben sandwich--nice and toasty on a ciabbata-type roll with a small side salad for $7.

    1. Have you been to Belvedere Square? The market is close to you, and has some nice little shops to choose from. Great soup place, and I love the sushi from Ikan. There are also some restaurants close by, Taste, Egyptian Pizza, etc..

      1. dizzy issies or holy frijoles are my favorite cheap places these days.

        Rocket to Venus has really, really bad service.

        1. How about somewhere in Mount Washington? I like Ethel and Ramone's, and have heard good things about Desert Cafe.

          1. 2nd Joe's Squared. It has gotten some pans here but I like it just fine & it's close by. Also have been wanting to re-try the Zodiac (on Charles across from Charles Theater). And Darker Than Blue, 3034 Greenmount is new, BYO, haven't been there yet. Mr b and I had dinner last Sat night at Dogwood. It was really really good, but eating at the (former stand-up) bar was a little tricky. It is not on the less expensive side, especially once they get their liquor license in place which they said would be any day. Others at BSquare are Cafe Zen & Zen West - Chinese & Tex Mex, which I guess is where the owners hail from, both good enough to get us back occasionally.