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Nov 14, 2007 04:52 AM

Food and Wine Show 2007

Anyone else going to the annual Food and Wine show this weekend (Nov.15-18) at the Metro Convention Centre???

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  1. Good question!!! I hate crowds and lining up for free samples. Last time I went to this type of thing was probably about 10 years ago and it was insane. I imagine of the years it's gotten even worse rather than better. I would love to be told differently as I'm certain, if civilized, it would be a fun way to spend an afternoon. So correct me if I am wrong, have things improved??

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    1. re: millygirl

      You have to buy sampling tickets for the food, no free samples, so that usually reduces the huge lineups. :)

    2. Of course!!! I wouldn't miss it!!! We always go Friday afternoon before it gets too busy.

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      1. re: zoohort2

        Yeah, I'm considering going on Friday as well. Should be less busy than Saturday. Wish I could get somebody to pay for the more pricey Thursday VIP night for me!!! LOL

        1. re: YummyYummy

          I going to the VIP night on Thursday. I was lucky enough to get some free tickets because I work for the company that runs a large food television channel, lol. :)

          I think $55 is pretty steep, but it includes $30 worth of sampling tickets right?

          1. re: Tara9000

            I think my wife may work at the same firm as you. If you have the press tickets for the VIP night they do not include the $30 worth of sampling tickets. At least they didn't last year.
            I'm going and definitely enjoyed it last year.

            1. re: dgrayca

              Hi dgrayca, any stand outs I shouldn't miss?...thanks in advance!

              1. re: Recyclor

                I'll let you know after tonight!!

                1. re: dgrayca

                  Went and like the post below said, it was a lot more about the wine this year than the food. There was probably half the number of food vendors as previous years.
                  Some of my highlights included the Waygu Beef Franks made by the Woodbine people, and the Awesome selection of New York State wines which are only available in Ontario through private distribution.
                  Given that I only shop at the LCBO for wine, its nice to go to a show that allows me to try other wines that I generally can not get in the city.

              2. re: dgrayca

                Yeah, I saw that - it really just gives you the entrance fee ($25), but at least that's something. I'm also sure I'll spend a good amount in tickets. :)

                1. re: dgrayca

                  We went last night via a media pass and it doesn't include the sampling tickets. It did give us access to the VIP area with all the free pours, however, which we only discovered toward the end of the evening. Next year I'm all about the VIP area. Free cheese and shortbread too.

          2. I am looking forward to. I have a $3 off coupon as wells.

            1. I'm surprised there's so much enthusiasm. I thought this show actually didn't live up to the billing, unlike the Good Food Festival.

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              1. re: merlot143

                Funny.. I thought the Good Food Festival was terrible this year. Mind you, I went the first day when they unleashed about a thousand teenagers on the place.

                This is really much more of a wine festival than food. There is a section of food there, but it's pretty small in comparison to the number of wine exhibitors.

              2. I worked at the La Casa Del Habano (cigars) booth last year.

                Overall, it was a nice event, good selection.

                While it did get excessively busy at the peak hours, I found the crowds to be fairly controllable. Nothing too overwhelming.

                It was there that I stumbled upon my new go-to scotch for under 50$, Dun Bheagan. Good times.

                Anyways, it comes down to the fact that you have some vendors that are there for promotion (especially for the holidays) and others to make a quick buck.

                I don't think the value is great, but it's still a nice way to kill a few hours.

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                1. re: Rudiger

                  Given the absence of real wine festivals within the city limits, it's the closest thing you get to wine festivals in europe. Live music, food tasting, and wine off course. only problem is rather than vendors using the opp to promote themselves, they try to make money from the event, which takes away from the magic. A fun time non the less.