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Nov 14, 2007 12:55 AM

Welcome to Torino

Hello all just thought that since I live Torino and some of You will come for a visit I should start posting places and infos about fell free to contact me here and ask, Torino got so many places to chow...ermm visit!!!
oh yes.. will post recipes too!!!

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  1. I was in Torino for a day or two a month ago. The visit to Eataly was the highlight. What a place! And there is to be one in NYCity soon. Hooray!

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      yeah DaleJ, Eataly definetly rocks. If You will come back I suggest you this place "olsen" in via sant'agostino 4/b, they produce unbelivable salt and sweet cakes.

    2. Hey - I found you using the search function - I am thinking of visiting Torino in July. My goal is to find a very low-key place to stay, and to just eat and drink for a few days. I don't want to be in a touristy place - I would rather find a pension and some "off the radar" places for good, honest, chowhound-worthy food that is representative of the area. I think I will drive down from the Netherlands - so any places surrounding the city center is fine. Are there any less touristy areas that are chow meccas? Can you recommend breakfast, lunch and dinner places? I'm not doing the fine-dining thing this trip, just looking for what the locals like the best. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

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        hey saticoy, well Torino is not so expansive so I think you can find low-key places even inside the city itself. For a nice place to eat at least one time I suggest you the "trattoria della posta" where you can try every kind of italian (piedomntes) cheese..but I should tell will have to be very hungry.
        And dont' miss the "quadritlatero romano" at may eat everywhere and it's full of life.

        1. re: TheTorinoAgent

          Thanks for the recs! I was checking out the quadrilitero romano and found a place called Mezzalunabio...looks very interesting, like a gourmet natural food cafe and store ( ), and I was hoping you could help me with a translation: "STAGE di CUCINA NATURALE" - this looks like it might be an all-day cooking class...??? Thanks again for your help!

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            My Italian isn't what it used to be (and it never was that great) but I can do a rough translation for you: "We periodically organize natural cooking shows where we teach you cooking techniques and how to simply and deliciously use the ingredients (some of which are not well known) that are found in our natural food store." I don't see anything about it being a day-long thing.

            I lived in Turin for about sixteen months, and never happened upon this place. Considering I was doing a macrobiotic detox at the time (no wheat, dairy, meat, nightshades, processed sugars, fermented foods, etc.) I can't believe this store wasn't even a blip on my radar. I used to get my health foods at a place that was... I think... on Via Pietro Micca. For tofu, I went to the Chinese grocers along Corso Regina Margarita, by Porta Palazzo market. You'll definitely want to check out that market on a weekday morning, just to surround yourself with that much food!

            Most guidebooks hit on all the "must eat" places. Turin has great aperitivo bars and I could recommend some depending on your age. There are NO breakfast places! Breakfast is coffee and a pastry at a bar... any bar will do. I've done EUR 10 coffee and pastries, and EUR 2 coffee and pastries, and there is little difference (although it's always nice to get the pastries while they're still warm). My mom said the best baked good she's ever had in her life was from [crap I forget the name], which is the bar, gelateria and chocolate shop in Piazza Carlo Felice (across from Porta Nuova train station) beside the hotel Roma e Rocca Cavour. It was some kind of orange cream filled pastry that I just grabbed for her on my way to meet her at the train station. Apparently it was rather good, as she still talks about it a full two and a half years later. Stop for a bicerin at Al Bicerin, because not to do so would be like going to Disneyland without riding It's a Small World. One of my favorite pizzerias in the city is Tre da Tre, which is on Via Verdi (#33), near the university and the Mole. I never saw another English speaker there, so I assume it's not too touristy. For wine, there is a place on Via Barbaroux that I'm sure someone could name for us, and I am/was also very partial to Chocowine on Via Botero (#8 I think) but I am not sure if it's still in business.

            1. re: Jetgirly

              Where would you suggest to go for aperitivo for a group in their early thirties? Thanks!

            2. re: saticoy

              Sorry I was out for work... avout mezzalunabio, I know the place the "STAGE di CUCINA NATURALE" stand for Stage on Bio Cusine, basicalli I think that they organize short stage to learn the basic and some recipes on bio food..I am definetly a "hungry" visitor of quadilatero romano since everything there it's food,music and ppl..
              For Jetgirl I know the place but damn I do not remeber the name too..tomorow I had to go near there and will got to visit so I will able to post more informationts.
              About PortaPalazzo..fancy a saturday night live session on food..go to visit..yeah Jetgirly I think you know what it is that market!!!!

              1. re: saticoy

                saticoy- "stage" is Italian for "internship".

            3. re: saticoy

              I hightly recommend Ristorante Da Mina. Also, the Hotel Urbani is a great value.

              1. re: lizreedy

                I agree with the way March is for all who will travel to Italy just remeber we got the chocolate festival..and in Torino belive me we know how to make chocolate!!!

            4. hi! do you have any cold beverage recipes for torino coffee?

              please send me one if you do...thanks!!

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              1. re: jhorel

                humm hi there jhorel I'm not sure what you mean with torino coffe..we got 2 typical coffe here the bicerin and the marocchino. I will post both the recipe asap but both those require at least a caffettiera (typical italian house coffe machine).

                1. re: TheTorinoAgent

                  Please post the recipes! I remember reading about bicerin during the 2006 winter olympics, and ever since then I've wanted to visit Torino and sample one there.

                  Would a Moka pot work, or does it have to be a caffetteria?

                  1. re: Nettie

                    sorry for the delay, i am translating the original recipe...yeah a moka pot could work, if you want normally they use the lavazza red label coffee but I suppose that in US it will be quite expansive (as everything in the world that come from another country!!!).

                      1. re: TheTorinoAgent

                        I'll be in Asti in May and visiting Torino as well. Can you give me a few recs?

                2. I loved Torino. Travelled there in 2006 with my husband and 10-year old step-son. There was one restaurant in particular I would recommend; it's called Ristorante Seven Up. Via Doria Andrea, 4 10123 Torino. The restaurant was cosy and welcoming, and the pizzas and pastas were simple but delicious. So much so that my step-son insisted on going there nearly every night we were there!

                  1. Monferrato. via Monferrato 6, Torino. Tel. 011 8190661
                    -super Piemontese cuisine with a fantastic wine selection and deadly dessert cart. try the cheeses as well. Open for lunch too.

                    Ristorante Tre Galline. Via Bellezia, 37, Torino Tel. 011 4366553
                    -yet another super-duper Piemontese restaurant. Nice atmosphere and fantastic food.

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                      Well there are many places, but since we are in spring I suggest a visit to the "quadrilatero romano" after for a dinner or piazza vittorio (Porto di Savona)..and if you like to taste a breakfast as we do it in here.. I suggest you on the sunday morning piazza vittorio's most famous bar "bar elena".

                      (in case copy on a notepad..without wordwrap than copy again and paste in your browser internet).

                      1. re: TheTorinoAgent

                        Torino Agent, maybe you can help me. I'm trying to remember the name of a fantastic restaurant, not too far from the train station. When you walked in, it had a huge array of antipasti to the right. You could order a sort of unlimited access to the antipasti as an appetizer. It was a very warm, neighborhood place.

                        I think it might have been Taverna della Rose. Does that sound right? Thanks so much.

                        1. re: cavafan

                          Hi there cavafan humm Taverna delle Rose ..humm this is a job for the Torino Agent, I will look at the places around the station in one of my photographic trips (yeah i know this doesnt'sound too foodie..) and will let you now about the name of the places.Just for info you mean the main train station(Porta Nuova) or the other one (Porta Susa)?.

                          1. re: TheTorinoAgent

                            I believe it was the main train station--Porta Nuova.

                            From what I remember, you walk into the restaurant, the antipasti are on the right, there's a small front room, then a narrower corridor with a couple of tables on either side leading to a large back room.

                            Thanks again!

                          2. re: cavafan

                            I've eaten there! I think it may have been my first meal in Torino, actually. It's definitely a pizzeria. I *think* it's on the first block of Via XX Settembre directly opposite the station. I remember arriving at Torino at 1:00 am after traveling since 4:00 am the night before... with all my wordly possessions... I paid EUR 7 for a taxi driver to take me from the station to Hotel Bologna (don't ask), and I'm quite sure that the next day I wouldn't have been up for venturing far from the hotel. I tried using the Italian Yellow Pages to map out restaurants and pizzerias near the end of Corso Matteotti, but I didn't find it.

                            1. re: Jetgirly

                              sorry me i was out for work...jetgirly..who was that taxi driver???? Damn I hate read about these things..(for those who dont'know from hotel bologna is just on the other side of the street from the main station.. you cant' see it from the station but..damn 7 euro's???).
                              I will go to eat to a new place this weekend will report on here my impressions and the address in case someone will visit Torino soon.