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Nov 13, 2007 09:40 PM

Seattle - crab season

Hi - hoping you can help point me in the right direction. My parents are coming to town and love seafood - particularly crab, clams and mussels. I'm looking for a place that makes fresh, dependable, simple dishes along these lines. Not looking for fancy or touristy. A good ol' fashioned crab shack that throws down newspapers would do as long as they use the days fresh caught and don't over cook it. We'd just go down to the water and buy off the boat to cook ourselves but wanting to avoid any cooking/cleaning the night before Thanksgiving. Any suggestions?

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  1. Sorry - I should clarify that we'd prefer eastside but will not hesitiate to follow the food across the bridge.

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      Crab is never going to be cheap, but I can recommend the Crab Cracker in Kirkland.

      Try saying that three times fast!! :p

    2. Chinese seafood places where the live crab is sitting in the tank in full view.

      1. hanny, I agree with PAO .. try a Chinese restaurant (I go to Sea Garden in the ID) I've never found on of those casual seafood places (like on the east coast) here that are great and not contrived .... but would love to know about one!

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          I don't think those kind of casual, inexpensive places exist out here--the whole shack thing with newspaper just isn't a tradition here. Hanny, you can buy crabs cooked and cleaned at any seafood store, so that might be your best bet. I've been told Jack's is the only place in the Market that cooks their own, if you're downtown (you can get cracked crab there, too, depending on your tolerance for their counter, which will be cold and can be smelly and messy). And clams and mussels are so cheap at the farmer's markets or fish store compared to going out. There are some pretty good happy hour deals on mussels out there-Maximilien in the Market and The Brooklyn come to mind, if you're set on not cooking.

        2. Thanks all. I actually now am leaning toward a Chinese place. My mom is Chinese so I was just thinking of trying something different. Wasn't necessarily looking for inexpensive so much as not fancy or dolled up food. But based on some of the other posts, we might try Szechuan Chef or Yea's Wok. Or if anyone knows a place get good Singapore Pepper Crab, that would be ideal :)

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            For something different and quick and easy, buy a cleaned and cracked crab from a reliable source (e.g., University Seafood & Poultry or Mutual Fish).Don't discard the smallest claw tips, because they make good tools for getting the meat out. Mix some Dijon mustard and lemon juice into some mayonnaise to taste for one dip; mix some chipotle in adobo puree to taste into some other mayonnaise as a second dip. Serve with champagne or white wine of your choice,, french bread, a tossed salad, and a LOT of napkins (or a finger bowl). Couldn't be easier. Malay Satay Hut has some nice crab dishes. Oddly enough, not Singapore Chile Crab.

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              Oh! you brought up the Singapore Pepper Crab! Yes if anyone knows where to find this, it is absolutely amazing. I've been debating trips back to Singapore for this dish alone...

              I had found a recipe in Sunset awhile back that came close but just wasn't the same.

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                Yea's is great (if you order of the Chinese menu) but I don't remember them having crab. I love their clams. As you probably read the Szechuan Crab at SC is fantastic (as it also is at 7 Stars Pepper) though you won't find clams or mussels there.

                1. re: christy319

                  Checked out recipes of Singapore Pepper crab and discovered secret ingredient. Butter! Also, it's deep-fat fried. I'm sure that's a yummy combo. Here's a recipe with Dungeness crab that's easy (and not deep-fried).

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                    oh my goodness, you're my hero. :)

                    thanks for finding that!