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Nov 13, 2007 09:14 PM

Kosher restaurant for my b-day dinner?


This is my first Chowhound post. Excited to see what people think...

I'm going out to dinner with a big group of friends (about 13) for my birthday in a couple days. You know how it works: I choose the place, they all end up splitting it. So I want to choose something reasonable (entrees $8-13, something like that). Also, not too loud and suitable for a big group.

I live at Pico and Robertson, would love something nearish there. Also, a few of the people coming keep kosher, so I need either a kosher restaurant or one with many vegetarian options.

(Personally, I'd love to go Persian, but the ones I've found seem a) meat-heavy and b) not kosher.)

Anyway, I look forward to your (hopefully prompt) suggestions.


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  1. I haven't been, but I hear that the Magic Carpet on Pico is very good. Israeli, but strictly kosher, having been meaning to try.

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      not open on SAturday, of course!

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        Years ago, I used to eat in Haifa. It was very good, but very informal.

        Anyone been there recently?

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          I have been going to Magic Carpet for quite a few years now, and the melawach is amazing! The meat entrees are pretty good but a little overpriced. Then again, it is kosher, so...The service can be slow at times, although friendly, and they can get busy, so call first for a reservation.

        2. I have heard good things about Magic Carpet as well - others to consider are Bevery Hills Colbeh, La Gondola Ristorante or Shanghai Diamond Garden

          You can check out for a list of kosher restaurants in the LA area as well try posting this request to the Kosher board of CH -might get other suggestions there -

          1. You know, it is totally not middle eastern, but if you drive to Little Ethiopia, nearish to your range, you can go to Rahel Vegetarian/vegan and have huge platters of Ethiopian food.

            A few Hudade combos or Special Combos should fill you up really well, and there is no worry about not keeping Kosher, as it is stricly veggie (even the desserts!) It'll break down to about $9 a person. It is really fun, really delicious, and Rahel is really nice. Also, it's BYOB with no corkage! The meat eaters won't miss meat!

            For a largish party like that, it's be good to call ahead and give her warning! There's a 15% off cupon on the website. Check out the menu!


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              i LOVE ethiopian food but am personally a meat-lover. can you recommend any ethiopian restaurants in that neighborhood that do meat but still have a lot of vegetarian options for the kosher folks?
              thanks so much!

              1. re: nweiss

                Sure, but chances of it really being Kosher are slim, other ethiopian places usually cook in butter or other animal fats. Trust me, at Rahel, you won't miss the meat. Everything is soooootasty.

                I also Like Messob. Meals By Genet is touted, but it isn't as affordable, and the protions are way smaller.

                You also might want to think of a moroccan feast, which does have lots of veggie and meat options. I like Moun of Tunis.

                1. re: Diana

                  Messob looks perfect!

                  (My kosher friends aren't super strict, so they're willing to eat non-meat stuff at a non-kosher restaurant.)

                  Thanks for your expertise!

                  1. re: nweiss

                    glad I could help.

                    Again, for a large party, call ahead and get a reservation. Also, I find the "combo" meals the best bet. I also really love the Dulet!

                    A link

            2. If you are interested in steak, you might consider Shilo's, which isn't *too* expensive.

              There's also Pat's and The Prime Grill in BH, but they're more expensive.

              For Persian, I second Colbeh. There's also Kolah Farangi.

              For Middle Eastern, you might like King David Grill.

              1. if it's on the weekend, and you have people who are observant - the nice thing is that shabbat is over early, by 5:30. SO, with all these places nearby, I'm going to disregard your neighborhood desire and suggest
                either Vegetable Delight in the valley or Happy Family in Monterey Park.
                Both are strict vegetarian. Happy family may have a dairy dish - if someone in your party eats only Holov Yisro'el, (חלב ישראל), or Pat Yisrael (פת ישראל) then avoid the wheat and dairy dishes. Both are wonderful- no fish, or eggs let alone meat. And the flavors are all available from herbs alone. So animal-like tastes are permitted. And no danger of מראת עין.
                VEGETABLE DELIGHT
                17823 CHATSWORTH ST
                GRANADA HILLS

                111 N ATLANTIC BLVD 351
                MONTEREY PARK
                (call them to make sure the address is correct, they moved recently). If you go to happy family, ask them for the monkey-head mushroom soup. great for a special occasion (houtougu).


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                1. re: Jerome

                  hey jerome, these are just vegetarian restaurants, right? but not kosher i presume?

                  also, how do you get those hebrew characters on the page.

                  1. re: kevin

                    there is no hekhsher. There is a guarantee that no animal products are used. no eggs. traditionally no dairy. there is no alcohol used (buddhist stricture) so no problem of יין נסך. There are perhaps other stricutres depending which are by no means universal within observant communities such as whether the fire was lit by jews, food cooked by jews etc. if they accept those strictures, the OP's original guidelines wouldn't work - (a place with vegetarian options).

                    For hebrew characters- go to
           easier if you opt for phonetic (qwerty) lawyout rather than hebrew (israeli keyboard) layout.


                    1. re: kevin

                      pure vegetarian food (no cochineal coloring, e.g.) is kosher. vegan that is. not necessarily for passover though.