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Nov 13, 2007 08:04 PM

What is the best Indian restaurant in SF?

I am looking for opinions on Indian cuisine in San Francisco proper...I have tried so many but have not found "the ultimate" - let me know your favorites, both North and South Indian, and why you like them. City of San Francisco only. Thanks!

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  1. Where have you been? Other than DOSA, I am not sure if there is anything in the City worth checking out for S.Indian. Also, check this link...

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      I've been to Dosa a few times - not too impressed with the fillings (cashews?? a bit too nouveau for my taste!) - but I loved the freshness of their appetizers, particularly the Dahi Vada. I would go back just for that dish! But crowded, loud, and expensive are drawbacks...though I am still happy it exists. You are correct - South Indian in the City is non-existent. Kennedy's Irish Pub has dosas - but on my last visit, they were seriously mediocre - and Mr. Morticia said his palak paneer was stone-cold!
      I have also been to Roti, with a large party of friends who live nearby and love me, it was good but not worth going out to West Portal for. India Clay Oven in the Haight is only okay - nothing special, but near enough to my house that I eat there sometimes. Little Delhi, which is now on Mason St., used to be my fave in their tiny Jones St. location - but since their move/expansion, the food has gone a bit downhill. (Granted, that's downhill from my previous rating of 10-plus, so I do still eat there frequently, especially since it's walking distance from my work). Darbar, which opened on Polk Street near Pine, has been pretty good, but still...I am looking for the wow! the ultimate! I did try Sultan, as a takeout order, on the recommendation of a colleague - the palak paneer was interesting (fresh spinach, not pureed!) and uniquely spiced, but I'm not sure I'm a fan...

      1. re: Morticia

        >Kennedy's Irish Pub has dosas - but on my last visit, they
        >were seriously mediocre
        based on a sample size of two or three, they are so bad, they are not worth
        eating at all, ever ... eventhough:
        1. no really any dosa options on SF other than the eponymous
        2. it is late and your are looking for drunk food.

        so actual starvation is pretty much the only reason to eat one of those.

        i thought the non-dosa food at kennedy's was bad, but late night edible.

    2. Aslam's Rasoi in The Mission and Roti in West Portal, both North Indian, are good. Better than the average cheap, greasy stuff.

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        Aslam's Rasoi was pretty good - but again, I suppose I am looking for the impossible - something that straight-up blows me away!

      2. Dosa in the mission and Roti in West Portal are my top choices.