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Nov 13, 2007 07:28 PM

Joseph's Steakhouse in Bridgeport

Anybody been? I just read a review in Connecticut magazine and while I rarely trust that source, the place sounded interesting. But pricey...

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  1. Tried it once about three years ago, and was very unimpressed. The decor was bland, the food was mediocre (I'm not a big beef fan, but the carnivores in the group thought the steak was about what you'd get in the supermarket), and even though there were only a few patrons in the place (it was a Sunday night), service was slow and inattentive. And yes, the prices are in line with your typical upscale steakhouse. I guess if you're stuck in Bridgeport and desperate for steak...

    1. over priced and over rated. The steak at Ralph & Rich's is far superior, as are the service and atmosphere

      1. Joseph's is owned by Joe Kustra, one of the original founders of the Tollgate Steakhouse in Mamaroneck, although they are no longer affiliated. When Kustra moved out to Bridgeport he felt he was pioneering a troubled area. Upscale and pricey.

        1. Forgot to mention, Kustra had worked for Peter Luger's in Brooklyn for years prior to opening his own place.

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            I have been to Josephs about 15 times over the last two years or so and I do agree that the service at times is just ok, And yes the prices are high,But the steak is always great!