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Nov 13, 2007 06:18 PM

Emeril’s Spice Blend?

I dislike cribbing off of another’s recipe as much as the next hound but I have found the standard Emeril spice blend for Cajun Seasoning or “Bayou Blast” or whatever to be excellent. And, I have no problem using it. If I had a test kitchen and limitless time and money and cuts of meat I would love to develop one of my own, but I do not have those things. So, please… hand up your general spice blend recipes. I want to use espresso but have found it lacking in all the blends I have augmented. Likewise with Cumin and Tarragon. If you feel okay letting people in on your go to, dried spice rub/blend, this is the time. I also understand that a rub and spice addition are different things.I am from Louisiana but have always strayed away from Tony’s because it seemed lazy to use a manufactured blend. This is an existentialist quest; I don’t’ want to be alone on that beach. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Keeping it close to the chest, huh?

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      i understand your frustration on no replies, but there are a TON of spice blend recipes on the recipe and copycat sites.

    2. Okay, here's one.

      It's just something that evolved over time and it's one that I sprinkle on ground beef as I'm frying it. My sisters and I have just referred to it as Mega Ground Beef

      2 - Chili powder
      1- Onion powder
      1- Garlic powder
      1 - Ground black pepper.

      I just sprinkle liberally when frying it up for anything from spaghetti sauce to tacos.


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        PS, the garlic and onion powder are of the granulated variety. Not the sticky powder stuff.


      2. I have my own version of Cajun spice blend which IMHO is better than Emeril's and way cheaper!

        3 TBs paprika
        1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
        1 TBs garlic powder
        2 teaspoons oregano
        2 teaspoons thyme
        1/2 teaspoon black pepper
        1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

        Blend and use on anything. Especially good on pork. Note that it does not contain salt so you can control that.

        Another one I like is Tyler Florence's Turkish spice rub. I use it on lamb and to spice up hummus.

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          I tend to not add salt or sugar to my spice blends so it can be controlled separately.
          I do add salt to my steak seasoning though.


        2. Barbecue Rub

          1/2 cup kosher salt
          1/2 cup turinado sugar
          1/4 cup granulated brown sugar
          1 Tbs granulated garlic
          1 Tbs granulated onion
          2 Tbs sweet paprika
          2 Tbs chili powder
          2 Tbs ground black pepper
          2 tsp cayenne pepper
          1 Tbs dried basil
          1 Tbs ground cumin
          1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
          1/4 tsp ground cloves

          1. Well . . . I almost hate to share this, because it is my seasoning "specialty" and I have people always asking me for more of it, but I am in a generous mood today so here it is:

            Dani's Sassy Seasoning

            1/2 cup Lawry's seasoned salt
            1/4 cup black pepper
            2 tbls garlic powder (not garlic salt)
            2 tbsp onion powder (not the powdery kind though)
            1 tblsp Texas style chili powder
            1 tbsp oregano (grind in palm of your hand to get small pieces)
            1 tsp cumin
            1 tsp lemon pepper
            1 tsp paprika
            1 tsp thyme (grind in palm of your hand to get small pieces)
            1 tsp rosemary (finely chopped or crunched up)
            1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

            This is good as a rub, or sprinkled on food. Not salty and not very hot, but very good. Worked on this blend for a long time before perfecting it. I just hated the cajun seasonings that were out there - too salty!

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              Dani, what is Texas-style chili powder? Is this a blend of pure chile powder with spices like cumin and oregano added? I live in AZ and have not heard of this. I'd like to make your blend but don't want to ruin a perfected recipe with the wrong ingredient. Thanks.

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                Rexsreine, Well they changed the labels on me, and I don't remember the exact brand I used to use, but I think Durkee still has "Texas Style" on the label. Just look at the ingredients. It should have more than just ground chili powder in it, such as garlic, cumin and other things. The last time I bought it it was Adams but it says chili powder, garlic and other spices! That is the clue - multiple spices!