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Nov 13, 2007 06:14 PM

Where'd everybody go?

This summer we had a lot of contributors. Did they all go back to college or something? Love to hear about some new places from some new people. I think Bill Hunt is getting tired of me answering his questions.

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  1. well, i'm new to town, so i'm depending on you folks to reveal the goods to me....i'll post what i can when i find it.....

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    1. I was wondering same thing!!!! I feel like this whole board in Hawaii dissappeared!!!!!!! Or is everyone on diet??? Start contibuting everyone cause the Upper Eastside Mayor is coming to town in Dec!!!! wiki wiki!!!!!

      1. Hehe, I packed my bags and moved to New York! I've only been gone for a few months, but already feel behind on the Hawaii restaurant news...sad, I would kill for a plate lunch from Palama Market and a good loco moco right now! :)

        1. Will be back in Honolulu during the Thankgiving weekend once again. Looking forward to visiting my old haunts and neighborhood. The only problem is that I have only one stomach but maintain an evergoing proverbial "bigeye" (the eye is bigger than the stomach syndrome).
          Hm-m-m...what do I figure or feel like hitting first? Since it will be Thanksgiving Day when we arrive at HNL, first stop will be Chinatown to pick up couple of juicy roast ducks from Wing Loy on Maunakea St., then to Don Quijote to pick up a couple of large assorted sushi party platters for the family pot luck in Hawaii Kai. Will always manage to fit Big City Diner in someplace as well as Kim Chee II in Kaimuki. Sekiya's is on the list as well as Kua Aina for lunch one day. Since my favorite KC Drive In is gone, I'll probably go to Likelike or Kakaako Kitchen instead for local comfort food. I still want to make it to Boulevard or to Palace Saimin one day which people have touted as the best the city have to offer. Very debateable but I'll be the judge of that.
          Tried some high end places a few months ago like Shogun and another fancy Japanese all-you-can-eat place on top of the Ala Moana Shopping Center near the Mai Tai Bar (Tsujiki?). To be honest, I still like the Waikiki Todai on Ena Road the best. My wife wants to try the Halekulani this time. For me, too touristy since my cup of tea are places I grew up with and feel comfortable in. OK, enough kau kau talk...time to look for good poke and pupu and get serious!

          1. I'm around, usually lurking until a topic comes up that I can contribute to, but still alive and always looking for good local food.