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Where'd everybody go?

This summer we had a lot of contributors. Did they all go back to college or something? Love to hear about some new places from some new people. I think Bill Hunt is getting tired of me answering his questions.

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  1. well, i'm new to town, so i'm depending on you folks to reveal the goods to me....i'll post what i can when i find it.....

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    1. I was wondering same thing!!!! I feel like this whole board in Hawaii dissappeared!!!!!!! Or is everyone on diet??? Start contibuting everyone cause the Upper Eastside Mayor is coming to town in Dec!!!! wiki wiki!!!!!

      1. Hehe, I packed my bags and moved to New York! I've only been gone for a few months, but already feel behind on the Hawaii restaurant news...sad, I would kill for a plate lunch from Palama Market and a good loco moco right now! :)

        1. Will be back in Honolulu during the Thankgiving weekend once again. Looking forward to visiting my old haunts and neighborhood. The only problem is that I have only one stomach but maintain an evergoing proverbial "bigeye" (the eye is bigger than the stomach syndrome).
          Hm-m-m...what do I figure or feel like hitting first? Since it will be Thanksgiving Day when we arrive at HNL, first stop will be Chinatown to pick up couple of juicy roast ducks from Wing Loy on Maunakea St., then to Don Quijote to pick up a couple of large assorted sushi party platters for the family pot luck in Hawaii Kai. Will always manage to fit Big City Diner in someplace as well as Kim Chee II in Kaimuki. Sekiya's is on the list as well as Kua Aina for lunch one day. Since my favorite KC Drive In is gone, I'll probably go to Likelike or Kakaako Kitchen instead for local comfort food. I still want to make it to Boulevard or to Palace Saimin one day which people have touted as the best the city have to offer. Very debateable but I'll be the judge of that.
          Tried some high end places a few months ago like Shogun and another fancy Japanese all-you-can-eat place on top of the Ala Moana Shopping Center near the Mai Tai Bar (Tsujiki?). To be honest, I still like the Waikiki Todai on Ena Road the best. My wife wants to try the Halekulani this time. For me, too touristy since my cup of tea are places I grew up with and feel comfortable in. OK, enough kau kau talk...time to look for good poke and pupu and get serious!

          1. I'm around, usually lurking until a topic comes up that I can contribute to, but still alive and always looking for good local food.

            1. Never! You offer me, and all other posters, an insight, that we just could not get otherwise. You know your stuff, and the sharing of your knowledge is greatly appreciated. Though I've had the distinct pleasure of spending about two weeks in Hawai`i, over the last 25 years, and have been to most sides of nearly every island, and dined well on all, there are things that I just have not experienced - late night dining, prior to flying to the Mainland, etc. Last time we did this, we were coming from the Big Island, and had four hours between our interisland and the Mainland flight. We cabbed it to Indigo, and had a wonderful meal. Now, I'm looking for something else, so I appreciate all the responses.

              However, I do feel the same, as you. I do not know if it's the time of year, or something else, but this board has really slowed down. Last year, we were over in Sept., and this board was alight with questions and comments. I published my reviews, and there were about six months of great reviews, comments, and questions - then, nothing.

              This upcoming journey, will be far too short, but it's the best that we can do, right now. I hope to have reviews prior to Christmas.

              Because we love Hawai`i and the cuisine of all of the Islands, I hate to see the lack of traffic here. Too many folk, who spend time in the Islands, have no clue, as to the great food available. Sometimes I want to shout, "hey, there is something beyond Perry's Smorgy! Wake up and go out and dine."

              Here's hoping that this just reflects a slowdown (seasonal) by CH folk and not a slowdown in tourism. I hate crowds, love to have time to talk with the locals and not feel rushed, or frazzeled. Still, I understand how important tourism is to the well-being of Hawai`i. I'll take crowds, no available tee-times, restaurant reservations that I have to make six months out, just so long as Hawai`i is healthy and vibrant for my next trip.


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                Just re-read my own post, as there was not much traffic in the Elsewhere Board (wasn't that the original topic?), and saw that I mis-stated. Maybe I should run for President?!?!?

                What I meant to say was that "I have had the distinct pleasure of spending about 2 weeks PER YEAR, in Hawai1i."

                Duh, I should not be attempting to type, after tasting wine all afternoon.

                Still, "Where is everybody?"

                I saw a sad comment in the business section of the local PHX fish-wrapper - Hawai`i is expecting a decrease in tourists to the tune of 512,000 this year. This was based on the demise of ATA Airlines only.

                Yes, this will mean that many of my hotelieres will offer me reduced rates for my stays, but hell, I'd rather pay full-boat, and have the Islands doing well. I do not mind getting a "deal," but not at the expense of a place that we have enjoyed so much over the decades.


              2. we will bite :). we will be spending ten days on the big Island this December. What are some of the chowhound "must does". We want to splurge on some days and go budget on others. Any chance of getting any mangosteens at any of the farmer markets or farm stands. Thanks!!

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                  You might want to check out this thread. I had including more links to previous CH discussions, http://www.chowhound.com/topics/445431

                  I looked for my full review of Kona higher-end eateries and could not find it. Unfortunately, when CH did a site re-vamp, the Search This Board function seems to omit material from earlier posts with some regularity. I did not check each link in the article, so maybe one is my review.


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                    we live above Kailua town in Holualoa...we eat out often...when you're preparing to visit let me know and I'll send along a list of the current places we've enjoyed...malama pono

                  2. Time is counting down and no one has told me where to find the best cake noodle on OAHU-help-i will be there in 1 month!!!!

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                      Try Golden Wheel Chinese Restaurant in Aiea. It's been a really long time since I've been there but I remember the food being well above average, and I'm pretty sure they have cake noodle. The last time I had cake noodle it was from Waimalu Chop Suey, but I don't recommend it. If you do make it out to Golden Wheel for lunch, you might as well visit Ice Garden on the second floor of the shopping center across the street (Aiea Shopping Center...the one with the Times Supermarket) for a custard milk or a taro milk shave ice with mochi balls. I think they close at 4:30 or 5. Trust me, this shave ice alone would be worth the trip.
                      I only lurk on this board occasionally since I don't make it back home very often, and I try not to dwell on my homesickness as I watch the snow falling.

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                        OnOn in McCully or Little Village downtown

                      2. Having just moved to Oahu, we are just getting our stomachs on the ground, as it were, and we live in Kapolei to boot, but, though they may not be the best cake noodles on Oahu, I still like the Fatty's experience a lot. Unfortunately, our latest dining experience was Kularb Thai/Lao, which was disappointing. Eventually, we will try every Thai rest. on Oahu and will have strong opinions on same. If y'all ever find yourselves in the SW corner and hungry, Julie'z in the Kapolei shopping center has good Phillipine food.

                        1. I've been off this board for a while since it may be a while before I get back to HI. it just makes me sad and I have to start counting up those FF miles...but right now I don't even have the time for a visit :-(

                          so, no new places to report...

                          1. Will be in Honolulu on Thanksgiving Day and having "Chinese turkey" along with the traditional gobbler. IMHO the best roast duck I've ever had from either San Francisco, to LA, to Honolulu has been from this little hole-in-the-wall place in Chinatown called Wing Loy on Maunakea. Very flavorful and juicy. I can taste it now!

                            1. Well I for one have been on the mainland in Chicago and Naperville the last few weeks. I must say sometimes I just get bored reading the same old requests and such. Recently I had the Lobster sausage dog at Hank's and it was really good.

                              1. Hello and Aloha! Perhaps I can step into one of the vacancies on this board. I recently moved from Chicago to Hilo. I'm in love with food - growing it, cooking it, eating it, and adding it to my compost pile to start the cycle again. I do eat fish, but am otherwise vegetarian.

                                Garden Snack Club in Hilo recently topped my list of restaurants I wake up thinking about.

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                                  Thanks for the report from Hilo. Unfortunately, it's an area that doesn't get that much talk. Really loved the "time-warp" feeling, last time there, and the food was all quite good.

                                  Recent report listed Restaurant Pesto, as still going well. I'm still trying to find the name (probably a previous name) for a place south of Hilo-proper, on a small bay, just below the harbor. Got some names, but none rang the bell. They were old-school, as far as restaurants go, kinda' "family-oriented," specializing in seafood and with excellent service. One of the best meals, that we've had on the Big Island, though certainly not as innovative, as say Pahu i`a on Kona-side. Still very good. Seems that it was on Reed's Bay, off of Banyan Way (besides the CC), or it might have been on Ocean View, but Banyan gets my vote.

                                  Aloha & mahalo for the update,

                                2. HAHAHAH i love this post.. i'm here! planning a wedding! =)

                                  i was back in the fall, but didn't go anywhere new... just my usual haunts, side street inn, rainbow, wailana.. indigos... GOT PICKPOCKETED THERE.. but great drinks! =)

                                  i went to this japanese place hole in the wall by hawaii kai costco.. forgot what it was called... super cheap.... and the gyoza ramen was doable.. =)

                                  1. Hi Everyone, I'm new here (to the board, not to HI), born, raised, and live in Hawaii. I eat out way too much for my wallet and would be happy to help anyone with any questions.

                                    (btw, i'm not a snob, I just have a weird sense of humor)

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                                      As I've said to some other posters, this board NEEDS the local perspecitive. Some (many, maybe) of us live on the Mainland, and, while we love dining in Hawai`i, never have enough time. Also, we have our own agendas (mine is fine-dining), so a lot of great spots go unreported.

                                      I'd love to be able to help all the folk, who ask for recs. for great "local fare," on a budget, but cannot. I collect threads, and try to point them to the ones, that might help. Still, no one on the Mainland, regardless of their love for, and knowledge of, Hawai`i can comment, like a local.

                                      Please hang around and do not hesitate to post any reviews of ALL restaurants, and on ALL Islands, as people *do* search this board, though not often enough.


                                      PS, most of my wino buddies know me as "the wine snob," but that is a term of endearment!

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                                        While not a "review" I can say that it's still a great time at Vino in Restaurant Row. We stopped in Friday night after a party at Hank's Haute Dogs for
                                        a nightcap. My husband tasted and ordered a couple great wines by the glass including a Molly Dooker. While it wasn't the best pairing we also had an order of the calamari with the peppeoncini ailoli - always delicious. They also offered us some hot bread to munch on as well. The party at Hank's was great and he served up his Spam dog, the Andouille Dog, the Portuguese Sausage Dog and trays of the original Chicago Dog. Folks brought food as well and the theme was sparking wines/champagne with many interesting bottles brought by guests. Certainly a highlight was the magnums that Hank generously poured of Mumm's. The folks at Vino
                                        continue to provide a great atmosphere and the best wine selection on Oahu in my opinion to be educated by and learn from.

                                    2. I'm brand new to Chowhound, love it already. I live on the Big Island and am in hospitality. But my big question is: Why doesn't Hawaii get their own board? We have to be lumped in with "elsewhere in America"? Surely we deserve more! What do you guys think?
                                      Aloha -

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                                      1. re: waimeamom

                                        This question comes up from time to time, but we seem to be too laid back to agitate for it. Why bother? We know where to look for us.

                                        1. re: waimeamom

                                          JoeBob has it right, but think about it for a moment - where would that leave Boise, Jeaneau, etc.?"

                                          We feel the same about the SW board - break out Las Vegas to their own, or maybe Phoenix (my location), as the board is too ambiguous now. Everytime I bring this up, the CH team tells me to "keep quiet."

                                          Please contribute to this board, as the Big Island gets a lot of questions. We make it to the "other islands," about every three years, and O`ahu is the greater constant in our reviews. Also, as things can change, chefs, restaurants, etc., it's good to have the local input. Tourists, such as myself, cannot pretend to know, from trip to trip.