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Nov 13, 2007 04:52 PM

Anyone used A Catered Affair in Nashville?

Has anyone used A Catered Affair catering before? We are contemplating using them for our wedding reception but would love to get some feedback before we sign on the dotted line!

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions for other caterers I would love to hear them as well. Thanks!

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  1. I've only heard vague-but-good things about A Catered Affair. I have heard GREAT things about Clean Plate Club but I don't know how their pricing compares. I will say this: for my sister's wedding this summer (for which I was the wedding planner) we used Mad Platter and it ended up being kind of a mess. The food was good and the pre-wedding planning went really smoothly, but the night of the event the staff kind of had attitudes and then ended up leaving before they were contracted to leave and left their linens behind. They were just gone when we went looking for them to pay the balance on their bill. Then for weeks after the wedding we attempted to get in touch with the woman who was our contact person for catering so we could pay her/return the linens, and never got a response. Mad Platter came highly recommended to us by friends, so hopefully this was just a fluke.

    I'd like to see what everyone else says about this. I've been doing wedding planning on the side for years and want to keep accumulating more referrals for the caterers in town.