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Nov 13, 2007 04:37 PM

West Palm Beach area

Ok, so all I see is South Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and maybe Boca. What does anyone think of the WPB area??? La Serena, Rhythm cafe?? What else is on the moderate price side, eclectic, and GOOD???

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  1. la sirena is incredible. true fabulous simple italian. also try howley's resturant for true diner food and amazing crab cakes. oh and the taco lady in lake worth for...wel the best tacos we have found in south florida.

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      thanks for the recs - I am visiting the parents in a few weeks and need somewhere nice to take them. Any other thoughts about NICE places that won't break the bank in or near Lake Worth (where they live)?

      1. re: mamajew

        I just had my second great dinner at Paradiso in Lake Worth; but it may be too pricey for your plans. (main courses are approx. $28-$38) . There's a good Thai restaurant on the corner of Lake and Dixie called Sapphire (I think) that was good and not expensive. However, not sure if that would qualify as a NICE restaurant. It was pleasant and the food was good; but in the end, it is just a Thai restaurant. One really nice thing to do is to go for a cocktail in the Four Season's lobby bar. The drinks are good and the view beautiful. However, the Restaurant there (that's the name of it) while good is very pricey.