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Looking for a reasonable change on King W near the theatres

I am looking for a change in the entertainment district. My mother and I are subscribers to the Mirvish shows and I am looking for something different, reasonable and a short walk to theatre. We've been to the standard places - Alice Fazooli's, Frisco's, Le Saint Tropez, Marcel's, Fred's Not Here, Red Tomato and one of the Indian places but which one escapes me. We're pretty easy to please but just looking for something new. Your suggestions are most welcome!

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  1. Not "new" but how about off the beaten path and a little different?
    Marinella's The Wedge for comfort Italian on the north end of Widmer St.across from the Holiday Inn on King. It's immediately beside the Corned Beef House.

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      It's "new" to me. It sounds right up my alley. I love good traditional Italian! We may checking this one out. Thanks!

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        Poorboy, we tried Marinela's on the 17th and really enjoyed it. So much so, we're going back again this Saturday! Thanks for the recommendation.

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          Can someone tell me the exact address and phone number of Marinella's The Wedge?

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            just north of King at 31 Widmer St (map on place link page)

            640 College St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

        2. If you like Italian, you might try Tutti Matti, on Adelaide just a short walk west of Alice Fazooli's. www.tuttimatti.com

          I've had good luck at Urban (also on the King Street strip).

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            I second Tutti Matti - fantastic vibe and great service... rustic Italian with style. At lunch they have a great $15 Prix Fixe (in case you are going to a matinee)

          2. Reds on Adelaide has always been a favourite. Good selection. Not just the usual standard fare.

            1. what about popping north a bit and going the Queen Mother? I like the lao dishes

              1. We like Il Fornello - http://www.ilfornello.com/.. You can see their menu on-line. I have always had good food at not outrageous prices, excellent service. A wonderful place for a family meal before a show.

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                  Noooo, not Tutti Matti!!!! I have to say I think it's deserving of the worst service of the year award in my books. Read the thread on Toronto's Best Italian, I'm not the only poster to say so.

                2. The Fat Belgian http://www.thefatbelgian.com/ just up john street. Moules and Frites available 6 different ways and the Miso Mushroom salad. Wine list is small but useful. Lots of belgian? beers available, about 6 on tap.

                  Tutti Matti has great food, but attitude requires that we all stay away. The menu actually indicates "no substitutes or alterations - respect the menu!". Give me a break please. AND when they say they open at 6:00 for supper, they mean 6:00. The front door remains locked until 6:00 - even if you arrive a few minutes early and are standing outside in the rain!

                  1. What about Milagro on Mercer? Not the cheapest option, but it's different!


                    1. La Fenice. Don't be fooled by the dated 1980s interior. It is miles above everything else in that strip. Note the paintings while there; they were done by the late owner, Luigi Orgera.