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Nov 13, 2007 03:44 PM

Warming Drawer

I am about to do a kitchen renovation and am contemplating a warming drawer. I think it would be very handy a few times a year but am not sure how much I'd use it on a regular basis (my kids are basically gone from home so it's just the two of us). Does anyone have an opinion one way or the other and is there a use for them, other than the obvious, that I am missing? I think I've heard they are good for bread rising?

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  1. my range came with an oven and a warming drawer. I use the drawer to keep food warm and to heat plates for those few times I remember to. There are only 2 of us, too. I would use it more if I had more parties or cooked more for bigger groups. It's a nice little luxury. Mine doesn't have a temp readout, just hi to low. High seems too hot for bread rising. I have never tried it for that.

    1. We renovated our kitchen this year and thought about getting one. Everyone we talked to that had one said they hardly ever used it. Since the one to match our ovens was over $800 we decided to lower the ovens and put a cabinet with tray dividers above. We figure we can use the second oven to warm things.

      1. We just built a new house and got a warming drawer (ours is Viking). I actually have used it more than I ever thought I would. For instance, the day our movers arrived, we put delivery pizza in there to keep it warm until they were ready for a break and it worked really well (so if you get one, make sure it's really wide). It also has a "moisture" control which can put water into the air so as to not dry things out which could come in handy around thanksgiving, I think. I haven't tried it with bread dough yet, but I do plan on it. I was kind of "iffy" on whether we should get it, but there was room and it didn't add too much to the overall cost, so we went for it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. That said, we have a pretty large kitchen and two ovens. If space were an issue, I would choose two ovens over a warming drawer, but it is useful (even for just two people). And it's great for warming plates (something I never did before).

        1. I am a definite YES on the warming drawer. There are only two of us and I opted for the largest one I could find and thrilled that I did. If you train yourself to turn it on when you enter the kitchen each evening, it will become automatic after a while - you'll find uses for it you never dreamed. I keep a small stone tile in mine that lines the breadbasket for our dinners. I use it for platter, bowl & plate warming like everyone else (dishes go straight from the dishwasher into the WD) also bread dough when I'm not making the No-Knead bread. I love it for having the whole meal ready at the same time when we have weekend guests who'll eat breakfast at different times. I do slow-roasted standing rib roasts that benefit from a lengthy "hold" period and this is the perfect spot. Since I also have two large ovens, this is a huge luxury for two people although we entertain frequently. Two thumbs up, way up!

          If you decide to include a warming drawer in your remodel, put it in an accessible place that you will use. I've seen them in all sorts of odd spots, usually just off the floor where I would never use one. Bizarre placement that shrieks "I had some extra room here and didn't know what else to do but I can say I have a warming drawer". Boo.

          NB: if I were going for over-the-top luxe, I'd put another one in the bathroom and use it for bath towels!

          1. Thanks for reminding me that I have one! Mine is the bottom of my range and I store a large roaster in there. It would come in handly expecially if I can find a good place for my roaster.