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Nov 13, 2007 03:41 PM

vin rouge on 5th ave/18th in brooklyn

We've been twice now - it's so close to our house, I want to go more often. Not much food to speak of - just cheese, charcuterie etc, though the bartender said they are going to have fondue soon... It is never busy when I walk past and I hope this place stays open. They have tons of interesting wines by the glass (prob like 30 or 40 choices) and I think they change them often. The bartender I met on my 2 occasions there was very knowledgeable and when ew got to chatting offered us tastes of some other wines he thought we might like. Just mentioning it here because I like it there and want it to stay open!

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  1. Jerry,
    I agree with you! I live more central slope near Berkeley Pl, but like to head down to Vin Rouge. The owner Jeff is a very cool guy, and the wine selections are eclectic, and it is exciting to try something new. I also hope this place stays open. There can never be too many good wine bars.

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      walked by it today and made a mental note to go back and check it out when they are open. thanks for the rec.

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