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Nov 13, 2007 03:22 PM

Chinese restaurant in Billerica?

I keep hearing about a new Chinese restaurant on Billerica Road between Chelmsford and Billerica. Anyone been there, or have any other suggestions? Went to Hong Kong in Chelmsford over by the Radisson and was not really impressed.

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  1. there is a chinese rest with good food near the harley dealer in billerica the name escapes me
    they are not new though maybe someone here can come up with the name

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    1. re: foodperv

      Foodperv - are you thinking of Wu Loon Ming? That'd be my recommendation

      1. re: Jestner

        I think that you are looking for Sichuan Gourmet. Search the Boston board for more information.

        1. re: Jestner

          i knew someone would come up with the name
          thanks Jestner

        2. re: foodperv

          Not sure of any new place myself (though I do say, I don't pass through Billerica as often as I used to - about a year ago).

          I can though, report that Wu Loon Ming and Sichuan Gourmet are both not new -- both places have been there at least since 2003, and I think significantly before that time.

          Sichuan Gourmet is absolutely my favorite chinese place.

          For dinner, my favorites are the Peking Pork -- oh my succulent pieces of pork in nice sweet/savory balance, and the chinese eggplant dish (though watch out - it's quite spicy).

          For lunch, almost every time I get the Zha Jiang noodle soup with pork (spicy, though you can get it without spice -- I don't think it'd be nearly as good that way though) If you like to customize the spicyness, you can ask for more spicy oil on the side :)


          Read the review from the chow tour of their sister restaurant in Framingham.

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          1. re: humin

            Keithel - you are right. Sichuan Gourmet has been around awhile.

            The sister restaurant in Framingham is in a nicer space but the food is better in Billerica.

          2. Are you looking for american-chinese food or sichuan? For the latter, Sichuan Gourmet is tops. From Billerica Center head towards Burlington on Boston Road. Pass the KMart plaza and the next plaza on the left is Sichuan Gourmet.

            For americanized chinese food, I think Rick's Cafe has gone way down hill in quality. There is a place in Treble Cove Plaza ( Feng Chung?) that has a good buffet for that type of food.

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            1. re: three of us

              was that location either the buffet king or china buffet before feng chung
              If so is it a whole new place OR just a name change with the same old food?

              1. re: foodperv

                If it's the restaurant next to the store, Next Tuesday (or something like that), it's new and owned by the folks who own Bamboo in Bedford and Mandarin in Reading. They really fixed up the inside; the sushi bar looks good and prices are reasonable -- cheaper than Bedford. We haven't eaten there yet -- I just stopped by to check it out. I did speak to the manager -- nice guy.

                1. re: foodperv

                  i don't do buffets if i can help it. hong kong was ok, not great. i am looking for great with a bar and a decent atmosphere.

                  1. re: foodperv

                    I never went to the old place so can't compare. I like the buffet lunch. They have the typical amer-chinese lunch dishes but step out of the box on some dishes. What I like most is the veggies are fresh and lightly steamed, not mushy. The sauces are light, not gloppy. I think the lunch buffet is $8.00. My neighbor, who travels on business to Japan frequently, makes various sushi requests and is pleased with the results.

                2. I had the beef with spicy chili sauce from Sichuan Gourmet last night--it was possibly the spiciest/hottest thing I've ever had in a Chinese restaurant!!! It was GREAT. Another person had the Dan Dan noodles and was raving about them too.