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Nov 13, 2007 03:11 PM

Charlotte Rec's for Moderate Dinner

Staying at the Best Western Sterling on east Woodlawn . Suggestions for Dinner and Breakfest in the area Not too pricey

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  1. Will you have access to a vehicle? If so, I suggest you take Woodlawn East to South Blvd. Turn left on South blvd and head North. Mac's Speed Shop is a cool place w/ a biker theme and good 'cue, sandwiches, wings, etc. 2511 South Blvd. Another option is 300 East. Go North on South Blvd and turn right on East Blvd. 300 East will be just up the road on your right. Neat, eclectic place & menu in a bungalow house w/ reasonable prices. Veg. options, pastas, fish tacos, salads, sandwiches... try the moroccan spiced pork tenderloin... yum! Another place that I haven't tried b/c they just revamped their menu/concept is Woods on South. Early reports are it should be good. Think wood grilled pizzas, "Carolina cuisine", bbq, shrimp n' grits, steaks, etc. It's also a micro brewery. It's also north on South Blvd. just before East Blvd. on your left.

    As for breakfast, i'm afraid the pickin's are slim. You're best bet is The Original Pancake House (NOT IHOP) at 1300 South Blvd. Go to South Blvd and head North.

    Oh, an ethnic dinner option (Vietnamese) would be Pho 98 5937 South Blvd. Head south on South Blvd. Again, I haven't been but many folks who regularly post here have suggested it.

    Hope this helps! Good luck and let us know how you make out!

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    1. re: lynnlato

      The Pancake House moved, so I am not sure if that is their current address. Agree with the Pho 98 rec. If you are going as far as 300 East, I would suggest a little further down East Blvd to Cantina 1511 for inspired Mexican food. Also on East is the Kabob Grill for great middle eastern food.

      1. re: jlwnc

        I also agree with Pho 98. It's phenomenally good and a great value. You'll also be pretty close to Portofino which is south on Park Road, a few mile sdown from Woodlawn. Great pizza. Try the mussels marinara. There's also Sir Edmond Haley's in the Park Road Shopping Center. A decent English pub that pours a great Guiness and makes a nice fish and chips.

        1. re: jlwnc

          The Kabob house let me down in every aspect the 1st and only time I went about 2 months ago. The waitress sat at the bar and didn't pay attention to any of her customers, the owner sat next to her, chatting with some guy while they watched a game on the TV. The food was pretty bad and no sauces were offered w/ any of our courses. Very disappointing.

          Sir Edmond's is a great idea. And Macs! I whole heartedly second that one! Portofino's is the best italian in town and cheap, too. Pho 98 is good, but I've never had a good experience with their servers.

          Roasting Company on Park Rd is cheap, very fast, and I've never had a bad morsel of food from there. Everything is wonderful there, esp the sides, my favorite being the smoked cheese pasta.

          There's an Azteca on Woodlawn which is prety good Mexican food. Nolen Kitchen is good for weekday lunch but the weekends are brunch only and a disappointment.

          1. re: littlegirltree

            You're right about the service at Pho 98. I haven't seen the owner in ages. The past few times I was there, I assumed the servers were the owner's Ivy League educated children home for the summer to help out but these poor folks didn't understand one word of English and it made any type of special order out of the question. I felt bad for them. Roasting Company is great. No one can beat their chips and quesa. I forgot Luisa's! Great pizza. I think it's on Montford?

      2. Thanks for your advice I hear Eddie;s Palce is good for Breakfest and not too far from BW on E Woodlawn

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        1. re: mustardgirl

          Eddie's Place is great for breakfast!

          I like Sir Edmund's OK in the summer when you can sit on the patio but in the winter, the room is a little too smoky for me. And I'm not at all an obsessive smoke hater.

          Cantina 1511 is good. I haven't been in a while but used to make a meal out of the Happy Hour (discount) appetizers and margaritas.

          1. re: mustardgirl

            I love Eddie's Place and we go at least once a week (there or Hotel Charlotte right next door) but it's on Sharon Amity and Providence so kind of a haul from where you'll be. There are a lot of good choices much closer to your spot.

            1. re: southernitalian

              Man! Hotel Charlotte is great! Their bread is awesome and their she-crab soup is a total treat! They serve it w/ a shot of sherry on the side. It's old school, like Beef 'n Bottle (which is close to Woodlawn, but kinda pricey). I'll have to check out this Eddie's Place.

              I have to say that Cantina and Mama Ricotta’s I liked at first, but now they seem a little too Americanized and bland.

              Sole' and Dolce are off East, not far from Woodlawn. Those would both be great dinner or lunch spots.

              Man, I'm burning up these boards!

          2. Azteca is just a few yards from you towards I-77. Pretty decent mex-american. Good Vietnamese at South Blvd. & Tyvola try Saigon Palace. Its in a shoping center at the intersection Map link:

            Macs Speed shop on South Blvd is good. I do enjoy the brisket sandwich

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            1. re: Jibe

              How does Saigon Palace compare to Pho 98? I saw that Helen Schwab gave SP a decent review several yrs ago.

              1. re: lynnlato

                I go to both, but I've grown to prefer Saigon Palace. I love the Bahn Xeo ("yellow pancake") at Saigon Palace.

            2. What about Tyron House on E.Exmore or the Derby Diner

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              1. re: mustardgirl

                The Tryon House is okay, not great. It's Southern-style home cooking.
                I am not familiar with the Derby Diner.

                I too eat at Eddie's fairly regularly. They make a decent burger and you can get breakfast all day. I do not care for Hotel Charlotte, however. I will say I am in the minority - it's usually packed.

                The best Cajun is at Boudreaux's in No-Da and the best gumbo and fried oysters are at Cajun Queen on 7th Street.

                On old Charlotte institution - that I have NEVER tried in the 14 years I have lived here, is the Beef and Bottle
                From what I understand about the place, it's a real throwback to the steak joints of the 70's, and they still serve shrimp cocktail and a wedge of iceburg lettuce with blue cheese dressing. It's on South Boulevard and would not be too far from your hotel.

                For Indian food, there is Jaipur, also on South. I haven't been there in years, but it used to be pretty good.

                1. re: hazardnc

                  Gotta nix jaipur. I used to be a fan too, but it has gone down hill over the years.

                  1. re: hazardnc

                    Thyon House is just one of the many greek-run home cooking places in town. I work near there and never go. It's the same food you'd get at a Greek-run 24 hour place, only it's not 24 hours. To me, it's the same as eating at Waffle House for lunch.

                    I just found out that Boudreaux is a small Southern chain, which I would normally have qualms about, but everything there is excellent. My personal favorite is the park chops. And never pass up a soup there, they're all dizzyingly delicious.

                    I agree - Jaipur is pretty dismal.

                    Beef 'n Bottle is expensive but fun. It feel like the kind of place my parents would have snuck off to while leaving me w/ a sitter when I was little. I can imagine my mom in her satin shirt, Vanderbilt jeans and frosted lipstick going here for a night on the town back in the 70’s. My husband and I love kitsch, and this definitely the place for it. They have oysters rockefeller and their salad comes out on a lazy susan, if that tells you anything. The food is pretty good, but that's an afterthought.

                    1. re: littlegirltree

                      I dig Jaipur. Live in the neighborhood and eat there regularly. The people are great to us, and the buffet is awesome on the weekends....