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Nov 13, 2007 02:54 PM

Boylan's Soda in Bottles

Any idea where I can buy the diet black cherry near Long Beach? Had one at Alicia's in Brea today and it is amazing!

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  1. BevMo carries it (assuming there's a BevMo near Long Beach).

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    1. re: GVDub

      BevMo Long Beach
      6521 East Pacific Coast Highway
      Long Beach, CA 90803
      Phone: (562) 598-1850

      Either it was recently closed down and their website needs to be updated, or it was still in the process of being set up when I went by last month - it looked like a mess when I looked through the window.

      I buy Boylan ginger ale all the time at Trader Joe's (there is one in the same shopping center as the above BevMo).

    2. The Bristol Farms near Beverly Hills carries Boylan's in bottles -- maybe the Bristol Farms in LB has them, too.

      Edited to add: according to their website, Trader Joe's carries Boylan's, too.

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      1. re: DanaB

        I've seen Boylan's Black Cherry, Diet Black Cherry, Ginger Ale and Diet Creme Soda at LA-area Trader Joes. Too bad they don't have the sugar cane cola.

        1. re: jeffrey

          Got some at TJ's yesterday. $2.99/4 pack, not bad considering I paid $2.50 for an individual bottle at Alicia's. This stuff is soooooooo good!

      2. HOWS Markets carries Boylans. Not sure if there is one near Long Beach.

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        1. re: ebethsdad

          Never heard of HOWS. Long Beach, CA?

          1. re: ebethsdad

            I think the nearest one is in Redondo Beach on 190th St.