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Nov 13, 2007 02:47 PM

Japanese Tea Ceremony - L.A. Area ???

Are there any tea houses // venues that provide anything close to the traditional Japanese Matcha Ceremony ??

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  1. you're looking to partake in it? mrs. sosei matsumoto has been doing the urasenke tea ceremony as a class in her home, for decades, to much acclaim.

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      Thanks for the article, I just returned from Japan and participated in a mini version but Id like to actually learn more and this might just be the best teacher around.

    2. During the Nissei Week Japanese Festival, the Japanase American Cultural and Community Center hosts hourly traditional tea ceremonies in their traditional tea house which is located on the fifth floor of their building in Little Tokyo. This year it was held the third week of August.

      1. Haru tea house in Encino does it. The owner is really nice, give her a call!

        Haru Japanese Teahouse
        [Tea room and merchant]
        16733 Ventura Boulevard #7;

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          Thank you kindly-this sounds like the ticket

        2. At a party I was at recently they had a tea ceremony tasting it was really interesting. The history and the tools were a good study something new for me. The performer had just come back from Japan where she lived for many years studying the cultural arts of Japan. I got a fan with her name on it, Theresa Lynn, her home page is American Kabuki Girl. com. definetly worth checking out.