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Nov 13, 2007 02:17 PM


I've found myself buying just about everything here lately. Today I tried the stuffed pork chops and was floored. Bought 2 on a whim- stuffed w/green onion sausage and just couldn't believe how tasty. My husband was particularly amused that we had chops stuffed with pork and fried cabbage (w/bacon) as a side dish.

Even with all that pork it didn't feel like an unhealthy meal. The chops didn't have a bit of fat, the sausage was obviously home made and lean and as far as cooking cabbage in bacon grease- oh just felt like the right thing to do!

You know you've lived here too long when the above seems like a relatively healthy meal!

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  1. I think Terranova's is one of the sweetest little markets, and their butcher counter, though small, is amazing. The Italian sausage is my favorite. If you go on a Saturday morning, before noon, they usually have a supply of freshly made muffelettas that are great too.

    1. Terranova's has the best sausage in town, without a doubt.

        1. re: zoohort2

          Sorry, no - they are an old-fashioned neighborhood market - and they survived having a Food Hole across the street for over a dozen years, and then came back after that "K" thing...

          Their sausages are standard items in our freezer - I use them as a base for spaghetti Bolognese

          1. re: zoohort2

            Terranova Brother's but just location and phone numbers as far as I could tell.

          2. The original comment has been removed