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Nov 13, 2007 02:15 PM


just had a memorably nice meal at a weird little place in figueres: its called 'dynamic cafe bar', c/monturiol 2, right in the center of town. the place is unassuming from outside but inside has a fabulous old pop-modernist design, a great menu of very fresh very local specialties (both tapas and full meals) at very reasonable prices, and a generally very laid back and friendly atmosphere.

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  1. We tried this place when we were in Figueres a few weeks ago on your recommendation - what a great place! We had various tapas (and ordered some they didn't have on the menu, and they obliged) and a lovely plateful of very fresh fried fish of different types - just what we needed. Lovely wine and friendly staff. We tried to get there for lunch on our way back to the airport yesterday, but they were on holiday and had closed up - I was heart broken. Thanks for reporting on it - I searched this board for recommendations in Figueres, but yours was the only one I could find.

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      Went to a great Basque tapas bar there just off the rambla - can't remember it's name but super fresh and super value.