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Nov 13, 2007 02:10 PM


has anyone been?

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  1. Yes, and it was absolutely amazing, especially considering they had been open 3 nights at the time.

    I wrote about my meal on egullet. I'll post it here in a minute.


    My girlfriend and I had dinner at MiLa last night, and I have to say that as high as our expectations were, they were absolutely and completely blown away. MiLa, after three nights open, is serving food on or above the level of any restaurant in New Orleans.

    Our server was helpful but not overbearing, and the general manager, Jim, was informative and exceptionally welcoming. The service all night was friendly and spot-on.

    But the food is what we were there for, and was more surprisingly delicious than anything I've had in a long time. The venison and duck liver pate, when combined with the cornichons, creole mustard, and okra was interestingly textured, and the acidity in the condiments phenomenally contrasted with the pecans and meatiness of the pate. My girlfriend started with the sweetbreads. The truffled grits were one of the most sublimely rich things I have ever experienced. If anyone has ever had the grits at Dante's Kitchen, imagine them plus truffles.

    The entrees were, impossibly, a step up from the appetizers. I had pig cheeks and langoustines, and it arrived in a cast iron pot, in stew form. The pig cheeks literally fell apart at the touch of a fork, and the langoustines were like the sweetest fresh-caught crab in the world. Both were presented in a broth. I can't find an words for this beyond amazing. My girlfriend had the grouper, which I didn't try, but she thoroughly enjoyed.

    Dessert was a cheese plate for me, with a blue, a sheep's milk, and a third I don't remember. These were served with chestnut bread and an eggplant jam, which was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten. My girlfriend had the sublime muscadine jello. You wouldn't believe how good jello can be. It was shocking.

    I'm exhausted from thinking about the meal again, so I think I'll skip any conclusion. Just go. You won't regret it.

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      I am so happy to read this report. Thank you. Jim will appreciate it very much.

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          would you recommend it to a solo diner?

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            I'm not really sure what criteria solo dining requires. The service was fantastic, and I am sure you would be treated very well. The food makes trying it solo worth a shot.

        2. I walk past it every morning and afternoon and I have to say the interior looks beautiful, comfortable, and elegant.

          Tom Fitzmorris wrote a short piece about the restaurant and how it came to be in his weekday e-mail today.

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            So glad to hear such good things about MiLa! I am considering going this weekend, but would also like to hear about the prices...Thanks!!!

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              The meal I described above, with a decent wine and a glass of port, ran me 175 dollars, which I would consider dirt cheap given the value. I paid about the same for Daisy Bistro, which I was not nearly so impressed with, to say the least.

              Entrees are about average for NOLA, spanning the mid to upper 20s, and the wine list has a fair range of prices.

              Like I said earlier though, it's worth every penny.

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            1. Reporting on our dinner at MiLa.

              OMG, is all I can say. We had great dinners on this visit to NOLA, at Cochon and Iris, but this was the very best. A sophisticated dining room in the Pere Marquette Renaissance Hotel -- where the restaurant does all the hotel's room service, too -- so tell your out of town friends to stay here, for the food, if for nothing else!

              Our meal started with an amuse bouche of an eggplant wonton on lime mayonnaise. Incredibly good. Bread served was a sweet potato bread and chive cornbread accompanied by a tiny mini-skillet of butter and one of lima bean puree (that included lemon pepper, giving it a citrus hotness). We were told that the corn bread and lima bean puree were the chefs's take on hummus and pita bread.

              We started with salads, which we always think of as not the most exciting starter to order (and not the thing chefs would want you to order), but we were in the mood for greens and knew they were organic here. When our salads arrived, we knew we were not missing out by not ordering other apps. The frisee salad was especially memorable. With bruleed and shaved butternut squash, goat cheese rolled in spiced pecans, and drizzled with vinaigrette. A little on the salty side, but so so good.

              For entrees, we had roasted grouper, with creamed turnip greens, roasted cepes, and brown chicken jus. Again, OMG. Our other entree was grilled NY strip in a red wine sauce, with sweet potato and yukon gold potatoes with parmesan cheese in a bechamel sauce. Can you image how good that was??

              We asked for a side of the black truffle grits, and then ended up asking for a second!

              For dessert we shared the banana pudding, which was bruleed and covered with Chantilly cream and had three "cat tongue cookies" on top, standing on end.

              Beth was the person who served us, and I'd highly recommend asking for her. She was highly knowledgable about the dishes, very genial, and enthusiastic.

              As for the question of prices, the cold appetizers range from $8 to $15. The hot appetizers are $9 to $19 (lobster). Entrees are from $24 to $32 and wines are from $30 to $526 (Mouton-Rothchild) a bottle. So, you can choose dishes/wines that are moderately priced or you can choose to blow it out and splurge. Either way, this place is well worth whatever price level you choose.

              MiLa has only been opened since Nov 5th and has not done any publicity yet. Despite its newness, the food, service, and room are already ready for prime time. So, get there before word gets out and reservations become difficult.

              Thanks, Hungry Celeste and Mikemill! You made our food time in NOLA the best!!

              1. My husband and I always plan for a special meal for our anniversary, but our annual spluge has never been so sublime! Not only was the food utterly spectacular, but the service was great (unexpected for a restaurant so new), and the sommelier made some interesting and wonderfully successful pairings.

                Now that I'm writing, I don't know exactly where to start. The specialty cocktails are as good a place as any: the Louisiana 75, which adds Herbsaint, making it light and a bit less sweet than the classic French 75. The Mint Julep is a gorgeously tall refresher, worthy of any hot New Orleans night.

                Beginning with bar snacks, the menu is simultaneously more refined and more comforting than the chefs' creations at The Longbranch. The hush puppies with creme fraiche and caviar are decadent and down-home at the same time. The award-winning Oysters Rockefeller "Deconstructed" are perfect, but different than any Rock I've ever had.

                The night's special was a plump diver scallop topped with mushroom compote floating in a creamy white sweet potato soup, when paired with an Alsatian Premier Cru Gewurztraminer, was one of the finest dishes/sips I've ever tasted. Pompano meuniere was stunning. The langoustine and pork cheek in a cast-iron pot gave a soul food twist to surf and turf, so be sure to save some of your house-made cornbread from your bread basket to dip in the jus.

                Now, to dessert. I usually opt for cheese, but I was so stuffed that I decided to just have a taste of my husband's rice pudding. "Rice pudding?" I said, when he ordered it. Boy was he right! Topped with golden raisins and paired with Chateau D'Yquem: I should've had my own....

                I think we'll be making MiLa a special occasion tradition. And a happy hour tradition. And a dinner tradition... And dessert.... And wine.... You get the idea.