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Nov 13, 2007 02:08 PM

Bar Room at The Modern - Good for leisurely dinner and conversation?

I'm taking two old friends visitng New York to dinner on Sunday. They're interested in going to the Bar Room at The Modern (regular dining room is too pricey for them.).

I've eaten in the restaurant, but never in the Bar Room. I'm wondering how good a choice it is for an unhurried meal where we will be able to talk and catch up.

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  1. I dined there a few weeks ago for lunch, so I can't be sure about dinner, but I would say this is not the place for that kind of unhurried experience. Maybe having drinks at the bar would be okay for that, but I would dine elsewhere.

    The place is loud and tables are painfully close. I heard everything said at the tables around me, and I'm sure vice versa.

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      the regular dining room is a completely different experience from the bar room. while the bar rooms food is pretty good, the tables are so big that you have to really lean in to have a conversation over the really loud room. i'd also say it's definitely not a place to have an unhurried meal. while the meal i had was paced alright, it did feel like they were trying to turn tables fast. i'd suggest going somewhere more intimate if you want to have a long drawn out meal to catch up.

    2. I went a few weeks ago for dinner and it wasn't all that busy or crowded. A good portion of the tables were empty. In fact I've never seen it all that crowded except for Restaurant Week. I think we were there for nearly 3 hours; they space out the courses pretty well (perhaps even a tad bit too slow for me).

      I think the leisurely part should be fine, but it's a bit loud / bustling in the Bar Room so you may need to speak up to be heard. I actually found the tables to be on the small side; we had trouble fitting everything on the table.

      1. Although I do love the Bar Room, I would say the one thing it is not is a restaurant for a leisurely dinner and conversation. It is very loud and a bit of a scene. I definitely recommend that you go there some time, but not for this occasion.


        1. I think it depends when you go. I have only been once (on a weeknight) and in the Dining Room. The Bar Room was lively and noisy, not good for conversation. Thanks again to all the hounds who provided suggestions which helped us decide between the bar room and dining room. We posted a review of our experience if you want to do a search of this site.

          1. I agree with the general consensurs. Each time I've been the the Bar Room, whether in the middle of the week or towards the weekend, it's been busy and loud. Up at the bar offers a little respite from the rush and noise, but do you really want to be catching up sitting in a row facing bottles of artisinal tequila?