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Nov 13, 2007 01:42 PM

Homemade holiday gifts

What are people making for homemade holiday gifts this year? What recipes have been a success in the past? or is it too early for this topic? TIA!

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  1. It's not too early -- after all, things like fruitcakes and home made liqueurs take time to age! I've got some liqueurs aging as we speak, in fact. I also have some orange marmalade that I may give as gifts. And if I can get up the nerve to ask my neighbor if I can pick some more of the pomegrantes that she's not harvesting from her tree (I've already taken about 30), I will make some grenadine.

    This is a first for me -- I've knitted some of my gifts in previous years, but never given away food items.

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      man, that is pomengranate gold mine ($2 each -- on sale -- around here in nova).

      jalapeno jelly is a snap to make for gifts.

      1. re: alkapal

        They're not as big as the pomegranates you see in stores, but yeah, I feel very lucky to have such a great supply.

        Jalapeno jelly sounds good.

    2. Not too early. There was a thread on this a few weeks ago. I think this was it. Hope it helps.

      1. I have a huge amount of various jams and jellies ready to go. Also, I am making doggie biscuits for my friends that have dogs. Linen sprays and bath salts as well. I am also going to try caramels and various flavored barks. I made Glogg last year and also made baggies of a scone mix and gave them with a jam last year - that went over really well. I also made candies. It is fun and never too early to start!! Have fun!

        1. I've often been living abroad around this time of year and brought back gifts from my travels.. this year, rooted in the US, I want to make baskets of goodies. I would like to try making curd and marmalade this year. I'm definitely going to try infused oils (see link below, from last week). I might go for marinated goat cheese with herbs. I'd like to make some homemade crackers or bread sticks. I'll make something sweet if it's unusual -- I tried Nigella's chocolate loaf over the weekend that improves with age, like gingerbread -- definitely ideal for gifts. Maybe something like rhubarb compote would be good, along with the chocolate loaf for spreading on...

          It could be cute to put together little recipe books -- hand-lettered, even -- I might choose five recipes, adding my own notes/touches, that I think each friend/dear one would like. So each would receive a personalized set. Hand lettering these would make it much more personal than printing on the computer, and I could fasten with a pretty ribbon. Just thinking out loud here... :)

          Yay! I'm excited for the festive time ahead!

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            foxy fairy, i wish your ambition would rub off on me! that is a lot of work, and i wish you all luck and success! if you do a timeline, and work back, that might be a neat thread for a future post (to show all that you need to do for all your various projects!)

            ps, i like rum balls. easy to make and add to your goodie basket.

          2. One gift I am giving to co-workers who love red wine is a homemade trivet/hot pad made from wine the past, I've made a homemade version of Bailey's Irish Cream (which contains raw egg)...will post recipe if anyone thinks they might want it.