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Nov 13, 2007 01:37 PM

help! unknown fruit - green skin & creamy, custardy taste inside~

my parents came back from the farmer's market this past weekend and they brought home this amazing tasting fruit that i've never seen or tasted before. It's almost like an avocado, but with a light green skin, and softens when ripe, with the same creamy texture. It actually tastes a little like vanilla ice cream, but more complex.

I think my mom said there's one main seed, but also two other seeds that are long and thin.

Any ideas? I've been googling it, but the fruits I found do not look the same, maybe just a different variety...

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  1. would this be it? CHERIMOYA(custard apple)...check out this link for more similar, but different, fruits

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      Hmm... its more round with a smoother skin. Thank you though!

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        My money's on cherimoya, too. Sometimes the skin has only shallow pits.

        One of my favorite fruits.

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          Or its cousin Attamoya [SP?]. First encountered these on Kaua`i, and fell in love. Only see them on rare occasions on the Mainland, and they, like so much produce, just do not taste the same.


          1. whats the color of the flesh?

            1. jennp,

              I believe you are talking about a casimiroa. See pics below.

              Hints of vanilla, with a bit of a persimmon flavor, but a taste unique all onto itself. It's a fabulous tropical fruit.

              I have a tree at home and a bountiful of these suckers. Can't eat them all, just more food for the possums in the 'hood.

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                Also known as white sapote - I had a tree at my previous home, great fruit!

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                  thank you sooo much! That's definitely it. I couldn't take a picture because by the time I got home, the rest of my family had eaten them all! My mom said she would ask the man at the farmer's market (in Pasadena btw) what it was, but I guess I have the answer already. This picture right here: looks just like the fruit.
                  Thanks again everybody!

                2. If it's not a casamiroa, could it be a feijoa? Also known as pineapple guava.

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                  1. re: lintygmom

                    I don't believe it could be feijoa because the feijoa skin does not soften when ripe as the OP describes her mystery fruit.

                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      I didn't get that the skin softened--I thought she meant the fruit ripened like an avocado. But it is what it is--Jenn, do you have a digital camera or phone that takes pictures?