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Nov 13, 2007 01:27 PM

McCrady's/Charleston and a few more

Had a fabulous dinner at McCrady's a few weeks ago. A friend had been there and gave me a few dishes he liked. We spoke with the chef and he created a multi course tasting..including dishes we wanted and excluding ingredients we didn't want.

Really a remarkable meal and the staff was extremely accomodating. They say a pic is worth a thousand's a few thousand words..:)

Lunch that day was a sandwich at Bessinger's..good pulled pork..meal not quite up to nearby Sweatman's; but we didn't sample a we had a big dinner planned.

Next day lunch..we wanted to try Jestine's but I don't like to stand in line. We walked over to Fleet Landing and had a very nice lunch of oysters..1/2 shell, she crab soup, seafood gumbo, crab cake and fried shrimp. Nice spot outside overlooking the harbor.

Charleston's a great city and I'd like to spend more time there.

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    1. re: BryanZ

      yes, Sean Brock is the chef...extremely talented young man (aging myself..:))and very gracious; real gentleman.

      The professionalism and enthusiasm of the entire staff was top notch.

      1. re: 9lives

        Could not agree more. Lived in Charleston and have tried every place. Love many of them, but the tasting menu by Sean Brock is the BEST!