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Nov 13, 2007 01:08 PM

Any hidden gems near west 46th/9th?

Hi There,

I am seeing a show with 2 friends on west 46th, and would love to find a nice place for dinner ( around 20 pp) though I love eating before the theater, I don't really care for the area to much as I never seem to find any place that is anything but so so. Any hidden finds over there??

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  1. A lot of people like Hell's Kitchen for upscale Mexican. If you want REAL Mexican, there is a delicious hole-in-the-wall on 10th and 46th called Tulcingo Del Valle. It's fantastic.

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      Thanks :) I have read about Hell's kitchen, but not Tulcingo

    2. Daisy May's BBQ is on the corner of 11th Av. & 46th St. Fabulous ribs and tasty sides. Cafeteria-style service. Inexpensive. Worth the hike!

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        Agreed! Also I'd add Tulcingo del Valle, Queen of Sheba, Wondee Siam II, all budget greats in the area

      2. you can't get much better a dining destination than hell's kitchen. $20pp? Hit the Yoshinoya at 42nd and 8th, and get a 40oz to go with it

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          Please so not take your guests to's a great snack for the drunken boozehounds at 4 in the morning but in NO WAY should be ever be taken as a real meal.

        2. Thanks RGR, though I can afford to go higher, I am with college students on a budget. I find the places near time square much higher( on average) in price than other areas in the city, which is why I don't eat there often. But I thought there might be dinner specials or something :)

          1. A pretty good Japanese Izakaya type place that is very inexpensive, especially for drinks, is called Hagi..Its on w49th st between 7th and Avenue of Americas..