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Nov 13, 2007 12:52 PM

Stone Hearth Pizza in JP ?

Several people have told me Stone Hearth Pizza is moving into the old Videosmith location on Centre St. There is a lot of renovation going on.Anyone know if it is true?

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  1. Last I heard it was going to be City Feed (although someone else said that was now off). Is Stone Hearth any good?

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      1. re: Liasynthis

        No no, an additional City Feed...

        1. re: Kbee

          i'm told that city feed is in negotiations to take over the videosmith location. this would be in addition to the one on boylston.

          there appears to be a new fancy market going in to that old liquor shop space down the block from city feed.

          anyone know what's going on with emack and bolio's? someone here said they would be starting to serve sandwiches, but i went by the other day and it was all boarded up.

          1. re: autopi

            The Real Deal (from West Roxbury ) is going to sell sandwiches and pizza in Emack and Bolio's. It's closed for renovations now and the sign say's it will be open late winter.

      2. Definitely it's another City Feed. Yay! I used to live near the one at Stony Brook and I miss their sandwiches.

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