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Nov 13, 2007 12:41 PM

Need ideas for office Christmas dinner

Here's the deal - our manager said that all 8 of us in our office can have a really nice Christmas dinner wherever we want OR we can have a less expensive dinner and invite our spouses. I would rather have my spouse with me, personally.

Do you have any suggestions as to a fairly nice restaurant that can accommodate as many as 16 on a budget? Buca de Peppo was already mentioned. I'm relying on my fellow chowhounds to come up with some great alternate choices.

The party will be held during the week. Quite a few of us live near downtown...

Anything else you can recommend?

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  1. what is your price range? that piece of information would really help....

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      Well, the restaurant we went to last year for our party was Prime One (that was WITH spouses) and this year, if we go to a nice restaurant like will be without spouses. So, I guess the budget would be half of what Prime One was, or about $20 or less per person...

    2. You could have a very nice dinner at Kensington Grill and not break the bank.

      1. What about Indigo Grill?