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Nov 13, 2007 12:28 PM

do all coffee grinders spill beans all over...

Hey, I'm having a problem with my coffee grinder: It spills the ground coffee all over the place and when you open it the top also poofs the coffee onto the counter (it's sort of suctioned on). Has anyone found a solution to this? Is there some great grinder out there that doesn't get beans everywhere?

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  1. No. Never have that expereince. I use a blade grinder for travel, a Solis Maestro Plus for drip/vac/french press/ and aeropress and a Mazzer Mini for espresso. You need a better grinder

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    1. re: scubadoo97

      A coffee grinder for travel? Wow, I am truly impressed!

      I guess I'm a heathen. I use my grinder for spices and use a quality store-bought ground bean for coffee. And I only drink coffee at home. I just never seem to care for coffee anywhere else.

    2. Are you waiting for the blades to fully stop before opening? I don't know if my Krups is that model exactly, but I have several coffee grinders as I use for grinding small amounts of grains and some I use for grinding stuff for making soaps & lotions. With any of them, you have to be patient, otherwise you can end up with a cloud of whatever being thrown out. Also, for the ground coffee sticking to the lid- its usually due to static- try tapping the lid before you take it off.

      Krups tend to have a weird shape- sort of a pointy oval instead of being round, like other blade grinders. I find that contributes to the throw out effect even more so- it makes it nicer for pouring out of, but you really have to let everything settle before you take the lid off. If you want a little nicer blade grinder, I really like this one from Mr Coffee: The grinding chamber is removable, so you can take it to your coffee pot. I can't comment on the various preset grinds as I'm not a coffee drinking, but I do use the various settings with grains & such.

      1. I have that one and I never have that problem. I shake the coffee grinder while it's going, then wait a second or two after the blades have stopped before turning the whole thing upside down and pulling out the lid. I never have anything go anywhere.

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        1. After I've ground my coffee, I tap the grinder on the countertop a couple of times. The coffee falls off the lid into the bowl and I can take off the lid without a lot of mess.

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          1. re: coney with everything

            I have a Krups grinder. The oval shape is supposed to help get a more even grind by throwing the beans back into the blades where a round design allows the coffee to stick to the sides. After grinding coffee or flax seed I let is stop and then invert it and give it a few taps so the coffee goes into the top. It is easier to scoop out than trying to get around the blades.

          2. First of all, it's a blade grinder. Thus, not only is your coffee ground unevenly, but its high RPM generates a lot of static. As others have said, after grinding, wait for the blades to stop spinning and tap the grinder on the counter a couple of times. That should help discharge the static. When removing the top, be sure to lift it straight off.

            You may want to eventually think about getting a better grinder, even for making drip or French press coffee, something that uses burrs rather than blades. Examples would include:





            etc., etc., etc.

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            1. re: zin1953

              zin1953 is spot on with the Baratza machines...we have the virtuoso and we love it. Much cleaner to use and a more consistent grind than even other burr grinders we've had.