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Nov 13, 2007 12:28 PM

Upcoming festivals w/ food

I finally went to the Sons of Norway Lutefisk & Meatball dinner and had a blast (and actually liked the lutefisk). Now I'm seeking out other events that might give me a chance to try some new dishes. Here's what I've found through December. If anyone has been to one of these and can provide input or add any other events, that would be great!

Chinese Food Festival - 11/17-18 Chinatown, LA,

Julemarked Scandinavian Christmas Mart - 11/24, Danish Cultural Center, Yorba Linda,

Indio International tamale Festival - 12/1-2, downtown Indio,

Swedish Christmas Fair - 12/2, Shrine Expo Center, LA,

Celtic Christmas Fair - 12/2, Soka University, Aliso Viejo, (they have haggis!)

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  1. The Chinese Food Festival has been postponed if you look at their website.

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      Also purported to be not that great. You're probably better off during your own tour of San Gabriel Valley than the fiasco that Chinatown tries to hold.