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Nov 13, 2007 12:25 PM

Mastro's Providence or Grace

Going on a date and would like to go to a new restaurant. Exboyfriend taking me out and thankfully money isn't a factor. Mastro's seems so predictable to me, although I have never actually been. Have read great things about Providence and Grace as well. So, help me out, which should I try first?

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  1. Grace

    In that order.

    1. If money is not a factor, go to Providence first thought it will likely, in my opinion, eclipse the other two. I wasn't that crazy about Grace and will probably not go back any time soon- the food, while interesting, didn't strike me as being prepared exceptionally- though friends have loved their meals there. I wouldn't even bother iwth Mastro's and would try Hatfields or Table 8 instead. (unless you've already gone to them!)

      1. I second Providence. It is brililant and even better when money is not a factor.

        1. Grace would be my first choice, Providence my second. I'd go to lots of other places before Mastro's.

          1. You can pretty much decide based on food -- Mastro's is steak, Providence is seafood (though they have a 'secret' veg tasting menu), and Grace is all of the above plus vegetarian.

            Since I'm vegetarian I've never eaten at Mastro's. I had very good meals and service at both Grace and Providence. But Grace's menu definitely has more breadth.