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Nov 13, 2007 12:12 PM

Ingredient Question: Do Banquise fries contain lard?

I have previously learned that Banquise fries their potatoes in lard. Perhaps it was the Cheap Thrills Montreal book, or it could be a blog; I didn't register because it simply didn't matter to me. However, I am taking a friend (who doesn't eat pork for religious reasons) out for a food tour in a few weeks and I don't want to lead him into something unknowingly. Do they still fry the potatoes in lard, or this is an old myth? If they do, what would be my safest bet for poutine? He is not vegeterian, he just doesn't eat pork.


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  1. I dont know the answer to your question , but if you dont plan to go to la Banquise in the middle of the night , skip them , at least if your visit is intented to introcduce the joys of poutine to your friend.

    I brought a friend from Paris last week , thinking that after all I add read about La Banquise, she needed to visit this institution, but poutine wise , it was a dissapointment: fries were ordinary , cheese barely squeeky , sauce , not too hot, so there was not a mix of melted and sqeeky cheese on the fries. One of the poutine was 3 peppers sauce and the sauce was...salty. My onion rings were of the generic frozen kind. I had nice memories of La banquise , 20 years ago , but maybe it was because I was drunk then ...

    PS: I am not a poutine snob !!!

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      I agree, and i know some people will hate us for that. I personally prefer the poutine at Bofinger (in NDG). But I have to admit that poutine taste is indeed very personal and varies a lot between people.
      As for the initial question i don't know the answer.