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Nov 13, 2007 11:39 AM

Sam Adam's to release Utopia's again!

They've been gone for two years and the newsletter says the are coming back. The question is exactly when and where can I get some? Considering the brewery is based here you'd think they'd be easier to find but so not the case that I've seen.

Where do you guys find your special brews and any suggestions on some to try this winter? I've become a HUGE fan of Publick house in Brookline, their beer menu is incredible and so far so tasty!

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  1. The one time I saw it at a store, it was at a liquor store in Providence. I don't remember the name but could find out relatively easily if you (or someone else) was interested in the name. Thing is though, I saw a piece of advice on Utopias on the web a couple of years ago that really rang true to me ... to paraphrase, "why bother? spend half as much money and get a decent cognac, it'll end up being better". Don't get me wrong, I think Utopias is a fun idea, but .........

    As for where to find nifty stuff, I like going to charles st liquors and downtown wine & spirits. I'm sometimes surprised at what I see at both Supreme Liquors & the Harvest Co-Op in central sq. Also, I was recently at the big liquor store across from the twin cities plaza (sav-mor?) and they had a section with some surprisingly good stuff there.

    1. Do you know how much a bottle will go for? It was very expensive last year.

      Also, Harpoon Brewery offer the "Hundred Barrel Series". I don't know what the series is now, but it's usually great. Big fan of the Munich Dark also.

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        The last time around it was up around $150+, IIRC.

        I like the 100 barrel series. Well, I don't like *all* of them, but I like it as a concept. The last one that I saw was a wet hopped beer, although that might no longer be the "newest" one.

        1. re: jgg13

          that wet hopped beer was great.

          1. re: joth68

            Seconded. My memory ain't the greatest, but I believe that's one of, if not the favorite I've had of the series.

      2. Marty's in Newton and Brookline/Allston
        Charles Street Liquor in Beacon Hill

        Deep Ellum
        Publick House

        1. For the uninitiated...what is Utopia and what makes it great?

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          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            Strongest beer in the world (although I think there might be another one floating around now that surpassed it, barely). IMO its more of a novelty as it is a lot like drinking a cognac to me. I've had it at beer festivals and liked it, but would never drop the megabucks to buy one.

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              Here's a bit more info....from O' Holy Gooooogle...


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                Technically not the strongest beer in the world, but it is the strongest fermented beer in the world. Others may use distilling techniques like freezing the beer and removing the liquid from the ice (eisbock/ice beers) to get a higher alc %, but this is the highest for a beer that got its alcohol content from fermentation alone.

                1. re: LStaff

                  For something a lot cheaper and just as good imho try dogfish head 120 minute ipa ( 22%).
                  Both sunsets usually have utopias for 10 a 2oz glass.

            2. Just got an email from Wine Gallery listing it: at $159.95 yikes. Here's what they said:

              The epitome of extreme brewing! Sam Adams presents the world's strongest beer at nearly 27% ABV - a blend of batches aged in multiple second-fill casks, in a process that takes up two years. Nearly still, this warming and decadent beer is meant to be consumed a few ounces at a time like a fine Cognac or Scotch.

              Purchase includes a free Riedel glass from Sam Adams, designed specifically to enhance and display Utopias. Only 12,000 bottles produced.

              The bottle looks good, so if you are supposed to drink it a few sips at a time, does the thing go flat? Does it even have any fizz???Served chilled, over ice? so many questions....