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Nov 13, 2007 11:39 AM


So the Christmas Holidays are upon us.... I am hosting a dinner for 14 guests- mostly adults, couple kids...It's the weekend before Christmas. I am also cooking for 10 on Christmas Day so I was thinking Id like to have my weekend dinner prepared by a restaurant or caterer. I live in Huntingdon Valley area... Trying to get away from a traditional holiday meal, it can be soul, bbq, greek... but no asian/chinese....Any suggestions???

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  1. Peachtree & Ward is the best, but probably also the most expensive

    1. How about Abner's for bar b que?

      1. I saw this place when we were in Richmond but I looked them up on the web and there are several locations including one in Ardmore...it's http://www.ssardmorepa.com/

        It's called Super Suppers and it looks like you can buy complete meals frozen or you can cook your own meals there from their recipes and take home 6 to 12 full dinner entrees. I need to check it out myself.