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Nov 13, 2007 11:36 AM

south parkslope?

Looking to go out for a yummy meal with my sister tonight, we want to walk from windsor tarrace. Not my hood, any suggestions?

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  1. Where did you end up going?

    Here's what I would recommend next time you're in the neighborhood.

    Piramide, on 5th between 12th and 13th, has really good food, albeit of the striving-too-hard-to-be-nuevo variety. Really good. I particularly enjoyed brunch there.
    Sidecar has a fun bar-like vibe, a great decor, and the food is good, kind of like a bar menu for a whole restaurant.
    Mura, which is in 5th Avenue on the other side of 9th Street, is good Japanese food and the staff is really great.
    I'd avoid KitchenBar and, unless you're planning a night of drinking with friends, Bar-Be-Cue (or however you spell it) too.

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    1. re: Brooklyn Hound

      i'd have avoided piramide & mura. sidecar is a solid rec. nothing wrong with kitchenbar or bbque(sp?). vin rouge could be fun too(after dinner wine). interested in where you ended up!

      1. re: TBird

        Why no love for Piramide, TBird? I've gone five times (3 dinners, a lunch and a brunch) and enjoyed it every time. When you take into account what you get for your money, I think it's a definite rec. I do agree with Bkln hound about the trying-to-hard thing for some of the dishes, but every place has it's foibles, right?

        I live very close to both kitchenbar and BBQ, and wouldn't recomend either. Although, apparently Kitchenbar changed their menu recently, so maybe it's time to give it (yet another) chance. BBQ is just over-priced, IMO... food's ok.

        1. re: ORP

          been to piramide twice and been completely underwhelmed both times. forgotten app's, bland food. i do wish them luck tho. it would be nice if they pulled it all together(i can hit it with a rock from my stoop, so it's in my best interest if they succeed!). :-)
          i've only had wings and whiskey at BBQ, both were excellent.
          we've been to KB maybe 1/2 dozen times and always been satisifed..

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