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Nov 13, 2007 11:28 AM

wedding site for people who love food?

I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it will be impossible to not spend an obscene amount of money on a wedding. So with price not so much an object, any ideas for where some food-loving vegetarians can hold a reception? All of the food doesn't have to be vegetarian (although that would be nice!). I understand that CIA can do this at some of their restaurants, and also thought of Blue Hill at Stone Barns. If you can speak to either of these choices, or have other ideas, please share! Thanks in advance.

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  1. well, i have not gone to a wedding at blue hill at stone barns, but was eating dinner there one night while a wedding was going on - the wedding site was beautiful - it was early summer so not too hot & the wedding was outdoors - you cannot beat the grounds for sheer beauty. the dinner we ate was excellent, but i cannot speak to how the wedding food would be prepared, but if it it anything like the dinner we had, you can't go wrong. good luck!

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      You could try Naturally Delicious caterers. Extremely helpful and good rep.
      Also the Cleaver Company- I dont think they are "affordable" but I never spoke with them, and I know they have a variety of menus. Their cakes are supposedly outstanding.
      Just found this link- but have no idea of their rep. They range from $10-$65 per head. Organic doesnt denote vegetarian, but Im sure they can accomodate.
      As far as venue, remember you can always save by renting out a VFW or Knights of Columbus, deck it out how you like, band or IPOD of choice, and splurge on food.... Let us know what you decide! I had to compromise on the cuisine for my upcoming nuptuals and can live vicariously through you! Good luck.

    2. we went to a wedding at blue hill and the food and atmosphere were quite exquisite

      1. Congrats, Olive123! We just got married a month ago, and we had our reception at a Spanish restaurant in Norwalk, CT called Meigas. Where are you looking to get married? I know that Spanish food is not what one normally thinks of for vegetarians, but they offered really good food to our veggies, and everyone thought that the food was stupendous. The staff was unbelievable, and the price was really great. If you want more specific wedding-y advice on budgeting and wedding planning, you can email me directly: salleykoo [ at] aol [dot] com

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          We are pretty open as to where. We are in Brooklyn, but don't mind venturing out to the Hudson Valley or elsewhere. I think we will have 125 - 150 guests, so that is the main constraint.

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            Tappan Hill (or any of the other Abigail Kirsch spots) do quite a good job, especially with the cocktail hour buffet, much of which can be vegetarian. -- and the views are terrific!

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              You're in Brooklyn - well then I can't think of a better place than where I got married - the Brooklyn Botanic Garden - fabulous location and fabulous food. Price is high but not extreme considering and they were more moderate than NY Botanic and Tappan Hill - both Abigail Kirsch. We'd looked at both of those at the time and BBG was all around the best option for us. We thought the menu options from Charles, Sally & Charles were more intriguing and they do as good if not a better job. I'm sure they will work with you on vegetarian items - they had plenty of them on their menu already.

              People still, nine years later, tell us how much they loved our wedding and in they consistently mention the excellent food - band and location too.

          2. Have to agree with the other posters - I've been to two weddings at Abigail Kirsch locations - Brooklyn Botanical Garden - which was lovely and more recently at the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers which I thought was truly amazing. Not sure if that latter can handle a crowd of that size though. Congrats!

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              Abigail Kirsch has BRONX Botanical Garden. I think Brooklyn is another matter.

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                Had my daughter's wdding at Abigail Kirsch in the Bronx Botanical Garden, at the charming Snuff Mill on the Bronx was a lovely canopied affair in July right near the Rockefeller Rose Garden...anyway, guests and family all enjoyed the customized bill-of-fare and the service.

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                NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx is Abigail Kirsch. Brooklyn Botanic Garden in Brooklyn is Charles, Sally & Charles. As posted above, Brooklyn Botanic is beautiful and the caterers are wonderful.

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                  I'll throw in another vote for Abigail Kirsch. We had our reception at Tappan Hill, and everyone loved the food. Compared to other Westchester locations, you get a lot more for your money, and the cost is pretty reasonable. You can choose from many options as well. It's a beautiful space, with a great staff.

              3. Wow - Thanks for all of the replies! We are definitely considering the Abigail Kirsh locations, as well as the BBG. And I think Tappan Hill looks great, but friends of ours may be marrying there so we may have to cross it off of the list. Lighthouse seems like a lovely spot, too.

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                  My friend had her wedding at the Lighthouse; we all had an amazing time, and the food was great. Good luck!