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Any reports? There is precious little on Chowhound about this place.

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  1. I'd be curious to hear as well. I've been to the Westin and thought the space itself looked amazing, and the "cicchetti" appetizer sounds intriguing even if it's just glorified bar snacks...

    1. Can you give us a little background on Ducca - where is it located? what is the concept, when is/was it supposed to open, etc.?

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        Here's a link to the Sep. 2 Chronicle review. The place is on 3rd near Market.


      2. I've been for lunch only, and have mixed feelings. The outdoor setting is lovely on a nice day (and looks like it would be fun for drinks around the firepit).

        The food is a very Venetian menu with maybe 6 appetizers and 6 entrees at lunch.

        I had the duck salad on one visit, which was good but the duck had been cooked so that it was still pretty greasy. The dressing on the salad provided some acid, but it could have been balanced better. Another visit, I had the seafood salad, which was marinated seafood, including a good portion of squid.

        My friends had a pappardele with sugo which was quite good (tasted like fresh pasta), and a fish dish which wasn't very good.

        The dinner menu looks better, with more choice.

        1. Went there for a company dinner; fish and meat fixed menus. Salad was great, meat was ok but a bit bland (grass-fed perhaps?) and fish was decent with dessert good enough. I certainly wouldn't pay for a meal there myself tho with those prices...

          1. I just got back from lunch there and LOVED it. I had the argula salad (which was huge) and the Cod (delicious!). We started with the risotto fritters that were also very tasty. Even the olive oil on the table was really good. I'd recommend it. I can't wait to go back for happy hour - they have a great patio.

            1. Just got back from a fantastic spur-of-the-moment dinner at Ducca. I was intrigued by the fact that it made it on Bauer's Top Ten list, and since it was one of the few restaurants open on New Year's Day, gave it a try...and very happy we did!

              Started with hamachi crudo, with the smallest amt of a green (mint?) sauce, accompanied by a small pine nut and currant salad. Very original, and to my surprise, the flavors worked together!

              Then the salumi plate--some house-cured, some from Italy, according to our great waiter. Came with a salami gentile, salami picante, salami toscana, a mortadella, prosciutto, and pickled winter vegetables. Excellent. Not as good as Incanto's or Perbacco's, but good.

              Watercress and white bean salad, with guanciale and garlic-thyme vinaigrette. The dressing was on the creamy side, and the guanciale seemed to be infused in there somehow--didn't see or taste any big chunks. But the flavor was there. Again, original, unusual, very good!

              House-made tagliatelle with pheasant sugo. The best dish of the night. A really nice original change from the usual lamb or pork sugo that seems to be ubuiqitous these days (although I'm not complaining about this!). Earthy, meaty, a little gamey. Yum. A little higher meat to pasta ratio than I'm used to these days, but I didn't mind because the pheasant was so freaking good.

              Black cod with lobster essence. Much more than "essence"--actually a big ol' chunk of lobster came with this dish. Cod was perfectly cooked, but the lobster may have stolen the show.

              Dessert--tiramisu semifreddo. This was delicious! Again, an inventive take on a classic that really worked!

              Service was great. Beautiful dining room, and one in which we could actually easily hear each other even as it got full. I highly recommend this place and will definitely return!

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                I'm curious as to how this compares to Perbacco. I've had several very good meals there already, and wondering if this is worth the few extra blocks of walking...how would you compare these two restaurants?

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                  Hmmm, good question. I've eaten at Perbacco probably about 3 times, but the last time was back in August 07, several months ago. Details are a bit fuzzy, but remember that it was delish. (Perbacco seemed to get better with each visit) First off, the ambience is different--much quieter, more refined at Ducca. Not a happy hour type of feel, which is frequently how Perbacco felt. Might be due in part to the fact that Ducca is in a hotel. Sorta felt like it, which isn't really a good thing, but didn't bother me. Second, the salumi plate at Perbacco is better, for sure. More house-cured meats, more variety, just...better. Third, the pastas--I have had some ok pastas at Perbacco, and some very good ones. But nothing like that pheasant sugo at Ducca. I was just at La Ciccia and had a great lamb sugo pasta, but still even that did not compete with the Ducca pheasant sugo. Finally, the choice of entrees seemed fancier at Ducca--I don't know that I think of things like "lobster essence" at Perbacco, but it has been a while. Ducca seemed a bit more cutting edge, a little more adventurous, while Perbacco is a bit more classic in style. But, feel free to correct me. Like I said, it's been a while since I've been to Perbacco, which reminds me that I'm way overdue for a visit! Hope that helps.