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Everything Pumpkin

A while back, the Los Angles board had a post devoted to all things pumpkin. Pumpkin pie, bread, truffles, cake, mousse, ice cream...everything and anything. I just moved to NYC from Hawaii, and in Hawaii we're not so big on pumpkin. But here in the city? It seems to be everywhere now that fall has arrived (hooray!!) I've eaten my share of pumpkin pie at City Bakery, Pinisi, Veniero's, and a bunch more. Pumpkin bread from the Greenmarket. Pumpkin pancakes at Cafe Orlin, and pumpkin waffles at Clinton St Baking.....


Where do you get your pumpkin fix?

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  1. I'm actually not a huge pumpkin fan, but I know Shake Shack has a pumpkin custard on Sundays in November, and I saw some great looking pumpkin pie at Bird Bath in the W Vill yesterday (they might have it at City Bakery as well).
    Via Emilia has pumpkin pasta

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      I love the pumpkin pie custard. Yum!

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        Just had some pumpkin sorbet at Il Lab this week. Very good.

    2. I remember having delicious pumpkin desserts at Union Square Cafe and Ouest in the past. And let's not forget the pumpkin cupcake at Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

      1. Pumpkin cheesecake at eileen's. i never think it of as the classic dense ny cheesecake but it is good.

        1. I've had pumpkin gelato before at Il Lab, but I haven't checked this year...

          Surely there are some good pumpkin soups, pastas, curries, stews and casseroles out there!

          1. I had a very good fennel and pumpkin salad the other night at Back Forty.

            And an absolutely delicious pumpkin Whoopie Pie from Baked (in Red Hook) last week.

            1. I am also not much of a pumpkin fan, but I just had the most delicious pumpkin ravioli w w/a lite coconut sauce at Becco. And i know a lot of peopel on here put the place down, but i have had nothing but wonderful experiences there. This special pasta was so delicious. Not sure how often/long they will have it, but I would go back jus for that.

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                My goodness, can you believe I've lived twenty one years and NEVER had pumpkin ravioli in my entire life? Am adding this to my list of 'pumpkin must eats' - thank you! :)

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                  Eesh, what's wrong with you? When I lived on the UWS, I had the pumpkin ravioli numerous times at Popover Cafe. I wonder if they still serve it...

                  Oh, that reminds me: Veselka's pumpkin pieorgis.

                  A quick search of the NYT yields: pumpkin napoleons at Dennis Foy, pumpkin tempura at BarFry, pumpkin ravioli at Café Boulud, pumpkin cheesecake at Japanois (!) as well as Zarela. Of course, menus change....

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                    I had no idea how much I LOVE pumpkin foods till I moved to NYC! There's not too much going on pumpkin-wise in Hawaii...but man, that just means THERE'S A WHOLE WORLD OF PUMPKIN FOOD TO EXPLORE NOW! hehe :)


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                      Well, I never had pumpkin ravioli before either (in 27 years ;-) ), but like i said, i'm not exactly a pumpkin fan. But, w/the other flavors, that dish sounded so good that i was dying to try something different... and i am glad i did!

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                        Wow, I thought pumpkin ravioli had become the butternut squash soup of ravioli.

                        Pumpkin tempura is delicious and I am looking forward to a good pumpkin soup somewhere, if any one has suggestions.

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                          Any recommendations on where to get pumpkin tempura? That sounds delicious, and I may have to make some (mmm, and deep fry sage at the same time) if no recommendations come forth.

                          I've seen pumpkin beer advertised around, which always appeals to me at this time of year. Haven't sampled, so can't recommend specifics.

                          I love the pumpkin muffins at Sarabeth's in Chelsea Market, topped with pumpkin seeds on top.

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                          I too love everything with pumpkin!! Now I have so many new places to check out-Great post

                          One that hasn't been mentioned yet- Pumkin & Goat Cheese Croquetta at Casa Mono- Yum!!


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                            Super thanks! :) Ahhhh, nothing better than fried pumpkin! I should go make a meal out of muffins, pie, tempura, corquettas, ravoli, followed by gelato - all in pumpkin!

                            Oh! Found one more! My friend Robyn clued me in on the PUMPKIN PIE DUMPLINGS at Dumpling Man in the east village. Woohoo!

                            By the way, I've been a lurker on your blog for the longest time - nothing holds more true than the line on your profile, "Food this good needs to be shared!" :) My thoughts exactly!


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                              Thanks! You bet Im trying out those dumplings this weekend! Man they sound good!

                2. AH i love all pumpkin flavored things too. my recs would be: Double Rainbow pumpkin ice cream (can be found at trader joes), Au Bon Pain's harvest pumpkin soup, and pumpkin ravioli from Cucina Di Pesce on 4th st and 2nd ave (in a reallyyy good creamy pesto sauce). Also just bought a jar of trader joe's pumpkin butter - excited to try it out.

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                    Becco is serving a tasty (and innovative) pumpkin ravioli (made with cocoa flavored pasta) in a delicious brown butter sauce. YUMMY....

                  2. Pumpkin muffins at Le Pain Quotidien (locations all over). They have pumpkin seeds on top! Seasonal but I wish they had them year round.

                    1. My latest pumpkin fave is the Pumpkin ice cream at Sundaes&Cones. Its not too sweet but not too savory. Right in the middle. Combine it with their Corn flavor for a real fall medley.

                      1. Craft has pumpkin ravioli and black truffle on their regular menu. For thanksgiving, they will be serving spiced pumpkin soup as amuse and pumpkin fritters for dessert (one of the many dessert options). Craftsteak has pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. I am sure most places will incorporate pumpkin in their thanksgiving or fall / winter menu

                        The other day when I dined at 15 East has pumpkin tofu (more like pumpkin jello) with ginko nut as amuse as well.

                        As someone mentioned pumpkin tempura, it is very common to have a piece or two pumpkin tempura in the mix of vegetable tempura dish. It is the Japanese pumpkin, a lot smaller in size and very sweet (not to confused with sweet potato which is also commonly used for tempura). I only recall Hasaki and Inagiku having pumpkin tempura that you can by piece. Other places generally come with all kinds of vegetable for tempura.

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                          Just to add to the list, Financier is now having pumpkin cheesecake!

                        2. Pumpkin with scallion and ginger dish at Grand Sichuan (55th and 2nd location) is available year-round and is great! They also have a pumpkin soup, although I've never tried it.

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                            Sarabeth's does pumpkin muffins and pumpkin waffles all year long.

                          2. Aki on W. 4th serves an "eel napolean" that has mashed eel and pumpkin and ginger on their regular menu.

                            1. the nudi at del posto enoteca is also served with little cubes of pumpkin... although I guess since the pumpkin isn't too prominent, might not be worth the trek if youre really after something truly 'pumpkin flavored'

                              1. there is a japanese pumpkin dish that is i believe a boiled pumpkin served in a very light soy sauce...its awesome, unfortunately most places ive had it in the city make it terrible (pumpkin is undercooked, it should be very soft)....Soba Koh makes it good, but its not always on the menu (its a special)

                                1. I highly recommend the pumpkin ravioli from Fairway (in their homemade ravioli section). It's delicious! Just make a simle sauce with some butter and sage and then some crushed walnuts on top. Yum!

                                  1. Amazing 66 on Mott Street makes a casserole of beef short ribs stewed in a thick brown sauce. But instead of cooking it in a clay pot, they cook it inside a big, hollowed-out pumpkin! The pumpkin is brought to your table and sliced in such a way that the stew covers the pumpkin slices, which you of course eat. This dish costs $35 and most be ordered in advance, I believe. Recently they printed a new menu and this dish isn't on it, but they do make it if you request it, and a lot of people do. (I've never tried it because it is too big for one person to eat.)

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                                      Oh my - that sounds delicious! I've got a bunch of friends coming over for Thanksgiving weekend...I just might convince them all to partake in this casserole!

                                    2. Haven't tried them yet, but heard that there are pumpkin cream puffs at Beard Papas

                                      Also, the pumpkin donuts at Donut Plant (or the coffee shops they distribute to) are amazing...and I don't even really like donuts

                                      I'd like to second the pumpkin soup at Au Bon Pain...its quite good as well as the pumpkin cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine

                                      The pumpkin muffins at Whole Foods are pretty top notch

                                      Keep the pumpkin recs coming!

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                                        Donut Plant has Pumpkin Donuts!!!!!! OMG I am so there!

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                                          Mmm, I am a sucker for the SSS pumpkin cupcakes! :)

                                          Also, Pinisi in the East Village has:
                                          - pumpkin cheesecake
                                          - pumpkin bread pudding
                                          - pumpkin creme brulee!

                                          Thanks for all the great comments on this post, I definitely appreciate it!


                                        2. Have you had your fill of pumpkin yet?

                                          The Spotted Pig lists Pumpkin Salad with Pecorino & Pinenuts on their menu.
                                          I haven't tried it myself, though.