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Nov 13, 2007 10:40 AM

Dragonfly Jasmine Rice?

Where can I find the dragonfly brand of jasmine rice? I'd prefer to find a place on the Peninsula but am willing to go up to San Francisco or as far south as San Jose

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  1. Should Peninsula sources not come through, they have it and what seems like the full line of Dragonfly products at Oceanview Market, the newish Asian grocery on Alemany, just off 280 on the border of Daly City.

    Here's a link to a discussion of the store:

    1. What is special about this brand of jasmine rice?

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      1. re: chemchef

        It has a really good flavor and I prefer its taste over other brands of jasmine rice

      2. The New Wing Yuen market in Sunnyvale on next door to the Saigon New Food use to carry that brand.

        My family normally use AA brand Texas Long Grain.

        It is the brand that you grow up with the you like the best.

        I will keep my eyes open for Dragonfly and report back if I see them.

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          I used to buy AA all time until my Dad started buying Golden Phoenix Jasmine rice from Thailand. Personally, I don't have much preference of one brand over another, but this is pretty good. Anyways, Golden Phoenix is typically $20 for a 50 pound bag.

          1. re: baron45

            I really like the Golden Phoenix brand too.

        2. Found the Dragonfly Jasmine Rice on their website. Here's the link:

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          1. re: NateBB

            dragonfly jasmine rice can be found in southeastrn asian markets whose main patrons are vietnamese, laotian, cambodian, thai......