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Nov 13, 2007 10:17 AM

Rec's for Pancakes in Central NJ

I've been trying to find Pancakes that had a great taste that I used to get in diners in Brooklyn when I was growing up in the '60s. Can't find them now.

Any recommendations for Great pancakes in Central NJ, South Brunswick, if possible? I never did like the ones at PJ's in Princeton, so if you can suggest others, I'll be grateful.

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  1. The Americana Diner in East Windsor, NJ makes a damned good pancake. (Not far at all from south Brunswick). BYORMS (Bring Your Own Real Maple Syrup).

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    1. re: cranrob

      Another plug for the Americana Diner. They also do a decent cinnamon french toast, if you are so inclined.

      PJ's is overrated and a pain in the arse.

    2. A little far for you maybe but my personal favorite is All Seasons Diner in Eatontown. Nice and fluffy- great job on their pancakes.

      1. Richard's deli in the West End section of Long Branch makes the best pancakes I've had since my Nana made them for me.

        1. Since we adore PJs pancakes I know exactly the kind you like, the big heavy-bad boys. Go to the Princetonian on route one right below Marketfair, I worked there and they have great pancakes and the big link sausages(deep fried) to go with!Enjoy~DEB

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            Amy's Omelette House in Long Branch makes pretty good pancakes.