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Brunch with unlimited drinks

I believe I saw a sign in a restaurant in Chelsea or around 14 Street that offered unlimited drinks with weekend brunch (I assume it's limited to the drinks on the brunch menu). Do you know the place or one with the same offer anywhere else?

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  1. I've seen a few places in Chelsea. The only one I can think of at the moment is Blue Moon--$3 for unlimited mimosas. I've never had that deal. I think Bone Lick Park also offers unlimited drinks for lunch, but it's time limited (I think 2 hrs). Both are mediocre food-wise.

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      Bone Lick Park is really not worth the unlimited drinks. The food is less than zero and the drinks are pretty bad to match. My friend likes Blue Moon, though I would be less than inclined to recommend the place. You'd be better of at Nero. Drinks and food are infinitely better than BLP.

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        its not great but ive had much worse for brunch than bone lick...and their frozen margaritas got me and my friends blitzed this past summer.

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          Bone Lick Park isn't the worst restaurant in the city, but the food just doesn't cut it for a CHer, methinks. Which is a shame because it used to be pretty decent. And the margaritas do get the job done (which is pretty much the only reason I went as often as I did), but they taste too strongly of margarita mix for me. That sourpatch, sweet flavor is like a hangover herald for me.

    2. Sapa has unlimited drinks if you can get one of the bar seating for brunch. They have live jazz too!

      1. the essex, on essex and stanton (maybe rivington?). good food and unlimited mimosas/marys but there's usually a long wait- plan accordingly.

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          Out of these options, I think Essex would be best (in terms of food). Do plan for a long wait though (sometimes about two hours).

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            You can make reservations for Essex. They are also on OpenTable.

            Brunch costs $16 and includes three drinks (mimosas, screwdrivers, Bloody Marys). They open at 11am but I've heard that on Sundays, you don't actually start to get your drinks until noon.

        2. Thank you very much for your responses. Are there any others?

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            i'm always looking for these myself. keep meaning to compile al ist!
            sunburt cow i believe

            and for a random one, zucchero e pomodori on the ues.

            essex is only 3 drinks, not unlimited.

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              I've had brunch at Essex a few times, and I have never been charged for drinks exceeding 3 (both upstairs and downstairs). Also the food is surprisingly delicious, though it is impossibly loud in there.

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              Does Calient Cab still offer unlimited?

            3. Try The Sunburnt Cow - EV/Alphabet City. Used to have $15 brunch with all the Foster's drafts, mimosas and bloodies you can drink. Fun back patio, good looking crowd, Drunky good time.

              1. Note on Essex cause I go there all the time: You are right that they never charge you for drinksm, they just keep coming. And you WILL wait at least two hours even with a reservation. The plus side is that if you go next door to Welcome to the Johnson's, they will come find you. And Welcome to the Johnsons makes an awesome "manmosa"-- PBR and oj. Good bloody's too.

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                  I've always had a reservation, and never had to wait - once even with a group of 8 people. I guess I have just been lucky!

                2. Intermezzo on 21st and 8th Ave. has an unlimited drinks offer for $10. Since their entrees are about $10 and under, it's a pretty good deal overall. Their drinks are great (choice of bloody mary, mimosa, screwdriver, bellini, mango bellini, raspberry bellini), the wait is never too long, and the food is decent.

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                    Thanks for the many more recommendations!

                  2. Cafe 50 West (on 22nd St) does the unlimited brunch drinks. It's a new place and I've only been there once (for brunch, in fact) and the food and bloody marys were good.

                    1. Maracas on Greenwich (betw 6th and 7th) has unlimited margaritas at their Sunday brunch.
                      Bone Lick Park at 75 Greenwich is a bbq place that has unlimited mimosas, margaritas or bloody marys at brunch.
                      Borough Food & Drink has a $10 make-your-own Bloody Mary bar at their Sunday brunch. I think its unlimited, but not 100% sure on that.

                      1. http://www.paradounyc.com/ charges, I think, $25 (not including tax & tip) for unlimited champagne cocktails.