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Nov 13, 2007 09:32 AM

Todd English NYC Pizza Episode

I caught the second half of that Todd English episode "Best Pizza on Earth" and was wondering what was the name of the pizza place he went to in manhattan where the pizza was made by the guy with the tattoo sleeves? It wasn't Patsy's or Lombardi's. The pizza looked incredible and I want to try it but didn't catch the name of the place and couldn't find it anywhere online.

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  1. Haven't seen the show, but it's probably Una Pizza Napoletana.

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    1. re: big o

      Yes - that is it. Haven't been yet.

    2. Great--thanks! I was DYING for that pizza watching the show.

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      1. re: abud

        Una Pizza Napoletana is really good. Some people gripe about the prices but the owner is really serious about his pizza and I find the cost reasonable.

      2. I've heard, since he prepares the complex dough ahead of time, when he runs out, he runs out. Just an FYI, that specific program originally broadcast last season.

        1. fyi, a pizza at UPN currently costs $22. worth it? you decide...

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          1. re: frankbooth

            and that's a SMALL 10" individual pizza that wouldn't suffice as a dinner for most peeps. I respect this guy for the authenticity etc. but I really think his prices are out of line. I don't buy this idea that authenticity allows you to charge people up the ass. That's a really juvenile, 80s-style consumerist approach to food and not one seen in countries such as Italy or France where they have a long standing food culture.

            1. re: lankyFool

              SO correct. in Italy they would LAUGH at $22 for a tiny little pizza with nothing on top. i'm sorry, but MDB, San Marzanos, EVOO and salt don't cost THAT much.

              1. re: frankbooth

                I only caught a few minutes of this, besides Una Pizza and Grimaldi's, where else did he go in NYC?

                1. re: fishermb

                  That's my favorite episode though I love the show generally. He goes to Grimaldi's, Pepe's in New Haven, Joe's Dairy in the Village to make fresh mozzarella and Pizza Bianco which I need to get to in Phoenix (though I have no other desire to go to Phenix) and winds up making his own with his son back at the original Olives in Charlestown, Boston. Remember he also popularized his fig pizza at the various Figs restaurants which I always stop at whenever I'm at LaGuardia airport for the fig, proscuitto and gorgonzola pizza. I have had a love/hate/love relationship with Una Pizza Napoletana but my daughter finally convinced me that it's love. See my previous posts about UPN.