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Nov 13, 2007 09:21 AM

pasta from scratch in lasagna?

I learned to make pasta from scratch yesterday (while shooting a video for CHOW that will appear there in the next few weeks), and I was wondering about using my newly made pasta for lasagna. Do I need to boil the pasta quickly and then bake it with the other ingredients for lasagna or can I just put the fresh noodles in the lasagna and bake from there?

I love making pasta from scratch. It's not hard, and so good.


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  1. When I've done this before, I boil the noodles first. It takes so little time to do it. You may be able to skip this step. Maybe some other CH's have dne it differently.

    1. I always boil mine first for a couple of minutes. Then I cool the seperated sheets before I assemble the Lasagna. Easier to make that way.I also make the sheets a little thicker (#4 setting on the machine roller) than the normal capellini thickness.

      1. I did this recently. We rolled the pasta to a 6, then put it in without boiling it first. I froze it, then baked it later. The pasta came out perfectly.

        1. I think the texture is different when you boil it vs. when you don't. But if you want to try not boiling it, I'd roll it a little thinner and add more liquid to your sauce.

          1. I dont precook the noodles when using fresh noodles for lasagna. If your recipe uses tomato sauce and ricotta give it a whirl.