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Nov 13, 2007 09:08 AM

Unique place for a catered event in Tampa?

Hi-I posted a few days ago about taking my group of 20 somewhere unique in Tampa-got great recommendations on restaurants, but not quite what I am looking for. Maybe I am coming at this from the wrong direction.

How about this: is there any unique setting in Tampa for a catered event? In Philadelphia you can hire out museums, etc. In fact, we are using the Florida Aquarium for our big party.
What else is there in Tampa? Tried a boat, not successful.



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  1. This is about a 5 minute ride from the Hyatt.
    You might not get a lot of responses since you don't have the city name in your thread.

    1. Like rhnault stated A la carte pavillion is the closest thing I can think of.
      I do know that the Tampa Museum of Art on the Hillsborough River holds events/dinners
      The Tampa Club, which my husband has been to several times, says that it's nice since you get a good view of Tampa
      I don't know which of the boat/yacht tours you contacted but this one has come with good comments regarding the food
      Aside from that I don't have any other ideas

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        The Museum of Art is closing any day now, preparatory to being demolished.

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          i thought a la carte was a typical overblown place for people to feel important and waste money. Had a catered dinner there that i thought was bad bad. I couldn't eat the steak and the fish was just as bad. even the dessert bar was a bust--- lots of puddings masquerading as mousse with lame toppings like sprinkles(!). My girlfriend and I arrived very hungry and left just as hungry. We literally found most of the food to be inedible.

          find a great caterer and go someplace else. Tampa threater would be amazing. Even the bathrooms are posh in that great 1920s way.

        2. Don't know how you feel about crossing the Howard Franklin - but perhaps something could be arranged at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. You can't get anymore "unique" than Dali

          1. Tampa Theatre is available for events- and it is absolutely amazing-


            1. Did anyone say Kapok Tree Pavilion? I saw some beautiful wedding pics the other day from a wedding there.

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                I've been to wedding receptions at Hunter's Green Country Club, there is also Tampa Palms CC., the lobby of TECO Plaza, Lowry Park Zoo, Museum of Science and Industry.

                Here is a web site with a list