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Nov 13, 2007 09:07 AM

Dining near Lisner/GW next Saturday

I need a place for an early-ish dinner before a 7:30 Tegan and Sara concert next Saturday (11/24). My husband, precocious 6 year-old, and I are open to almost any cuisine, provided it's well-prepared. I want something casual to upscale/casual--NO chains, please!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would suggest Taberna del Alberdero but you will want to try to get there early to get a table, otherwise it might be difficult for your 6 year-old. That being said...the tapas are delicious. If you order before 7pm they have 1/2 off tapas and sangria. I was there last week before the Anthony Bourdain event and had a delicious meal of croquettes which I find myself still dreaming about.

    Another place near by is Dish. I really enjoyed my meal there when I went but that was over a year ago and I believe the chef is different. Still they did a wonderful take on a picnic basket (the best fried chicken I've ever had, a biscuit, fancy potatoe salad, black eyed peas etc) and it was great!

    The new Tonic is nearby as well for good bar style food. Your 6 year-old might really like their mac and cheese. (Actually you and your husband might enjoy it as well).

    Finally Kinkeads is about a block away for yummy seafood.

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      I just realized that the concert was on a Sat. Therefore the happy hour special at Taberna doesn't fit since it's only M-F. I believe you can still get tapas at the small table near the bar though on a Saturday. Otherwise a meal there can get pretty pricey.

    2. Consider Tonic, about a half-block away. I can vouch for their very good burgers and tater tots, but the menu gets a bit more elaborate than that if you are in the mood.

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        I think the same responders had the same discussion in a different thread last week (while I thought Tonic was ok, the burger disappointed and service was slow).

        Search the archives!

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          It's under places to eat before Anthony Bourdain. You might want to just search for Bourdain and it should come up.