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Nov 13, 2007 09:04 AM

Tibetan Food

Hi all: I'm sure if I looked enough I'd find this info but don't have time right now! My favorite Tibetan restaurant, in CT, closed about a year ago. I'm looking for a replacement. Can anyone offer reviews for the two or three places in Boston? Anywhere else I might find it? Thank you!

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  1. I like House of Tibet in Teele Sq in Somerville. It is cozy, everything comes with lentil soup and the prices are reasonable. The only problem is, in the winter whenever the door opens you are shot with a blast of cold air. The wait staff is very nice and the food is very good, esp the momos.

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      I ate at House of Tibet once, albeit years ago. I swear all of our food was unseasoned. The soup was water with blanched vegetables - broccoli, carrots, etc. The spring rolls seemed like purchased Sysco frozen spring rolls, and the rest of the meal I can't recall. Maybe it was an off night.

      1. re: almansa

        Much of Tibetan food is less seasoned than you may be accustomed to. I've not had an issue with proper salt seasoning in their Tsam Thuk Soup (beef & daikon) or Tena Thukpa Soup (lentil). The Sha Momo (beef), Tsel(veggie) momos (dumplings) and Baklab (patties), Sha momos and Baklab (beef) are all real comfort food.

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          I agree, gini. I have gone to HoT with friends who have traveled to Tibet and adored the food, people, and general ambience there - what a lovely spot. There seems to me an ungrounded expectation amongst people I know that Asian foods should be "knock-you-over-your head-spicy." There are many nuances and subtleties to Tibetan food that will be appreciated upon repeat tastings.

    2. There's Rangzten in Central Square, Cambridge. I'm a big fan of House of Tibet Kitchen in Teele Square, Somerville. Their momos are the best I've found around here and I also like the Shoko katsa (curried potatoes). Martsa on Elm in Davis Square, Somerville is also an option, but they cook more "Tibet in exile" dishes that don't appeal as much to me - I'd rather just go to Namaskar for Indian across the street.

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        new one just opened in brookline village - on harvard street going toward route 9 - sorry, don't know the name!

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          It's called Tashi Dalek and it's where St. Petersburg used to be. We tried their lunch buffet last week and I must say we were underwhelmed despite our desire to support the owners, who seem sincere and eager to please. The momos were doughy and the other dishes seemed bland and forgettable. Perhaps the problem was that it suffered in comparison to the lunch buffet at Kathmandu Spice, the Nepalese place in Arlington, which we tried the week before after seeing recent posts here. Everything there really popped; each dish was distinctive with interesting spicing and textures.

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            nepalese food is pretty different from tibetan cuisine, so its not entirely fair to compare them. I think that nepalese has much more in common with indian cuisine than tibetan.

            1. re: lisa13

              I understand, but having done near-simultaneous lunch buffets in both places it was hard not to compare. The nepalese just seemed better prepared, all differences aside.

      2. I did not like the food at House of Tibet at all when I went -- very bland and dull -- and absolutely cannot recommend it. I exponentially prefer Martsa on Elm in Davis Square. If that makes me less authentic in my tastes, so be it.

        1. house of tibet kitchen, definately. i agree with all of gini's suggestions. i like their shoko khatsa (curried potatoes) and tingmo (steamed bread) a lot too